Antifascists Shut Down Neo-Nazis and Proud Boys Throwing Up Hitler Salutes in Sacramento
Clashes broke out inside the Sacramento City Council chambers on May 23rd, as angry community members chanted, held banners, and shut down a small group of neo-Nazis who threw up Hitler salutes and attempted to address the council. The group of white supremacists was led by Ryan Messano of the bay area, who made headlines...

In videos posted to social media online, antifascist protesters could be seen holding banners reading, “Never Again” and “Your Hate Is Not Welcome Here,” as Ryan Messano attempted to take the podium. In response, the Sacramento City Council was shut down, as the crowd erupted into shouting as the neo-Nazi wearing a Goyim Defense League shirt was seen throwing up a Hitler salute.


Community and housing advocates have been rallying at the Sacramento City Council in the last few weeks, demanding the city address the ongoing attacks on the houseless community. Attempts by Messano and other neo-Nazis to hijack these meetings to spew their racist and anti-Semitic conspiracies only serve to advance the same interests of wealthy developers and city bureaucrats who are pushing to steamroll the poor.

Antifascist activism
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