• d-RLY?
    91 year ago

    Literally just oppression and making even more of the prison system for-profit. Which means even more need to place more and more people in the system (why try to rehabilitate if it means profits go down?). Capitalism just creates problems to solve by more privatization. It is already fucking stupid if the profit motives weren’t on the table. That is because the pigs already have to open all mail anyway. It is admittedly shocking that they weren’t already scanning mail to add to a database. Given how the various agencies intercept basically all phone traffic for everyone in or out of the prison system (or in and out of the country). The “to stop drug overdoses” excuse is laughable, as even the article states that drugs are better brought in by other means (since again, they already open all mail for that reason and for other items). The extra fucked up part is that Americans are already groomed to see prisoners as “evil” and shouldn’t be allowed anything at all. So the ignorant masses will just believe that it must be super needed and just say shit like “well they should’ve thought about that before doing illegal things”. I am sure most of them would even say “good let them die by starvation” if told about hunger strikes. The only ones that should catch that kind of lack of empathy are the capitalists and their enforcers running all of it. They don’t seek the goals of rehabilitation or changing the material conditions that cause crime.