Editing titles as community moderator?

Probably on the ToDo, but it would be really nice if a community moderator could edit post titles if they are clickbait or otherwise insufficient.

wouldn’t this create an enormous potential for abuse?

and even with such a capability, objectively classifying things as insufficient and/or clickbait is impossible, imo clickbait titles just naturally tend to be downvoted by users and usually this is going to be mentioned in like the first comment under the post…

Agreed, I don’t like the idea of mods being able to edit posts or comments to make it look like a user said something they didn’t actually say.


Hmm, I don’t see a big issue if it gets marked as edited by mod.

Maybe for editing titles, it could be like tags, or in a different text color? I think there are some genuine use cases for a community moderator to add to or alter a post title.


I don’t see a major issue with this, if it’s implemented right. As it stands, only site admins have full control of lemmy instances - and we don’t really get too invested in how communities moderate. So it would really just be up for community mods to edit titles as they see fit. If the post had a little “edited by moderator” flag next to the title, and perhaps a way to see what was editted, a lot of the concerns about misuse would be negated. This is also the kind of thing we’d add to the modlog, where we keep moderation transparent.

Then, of course, communities who are known to abuse the function could just be avoided by the broader lemmy community. Anyone can start their own instances if it seems like others are being filled with misuse, as well anyone can create a replacement community for ones that are being misused too.

And no, Lemmy isn’t open for far-right instances, read the site rules on the ‘Join Lemmy’ page. (saying that here, because someone misunderstood in the comments on this post).

If they are clickbait or otherwise insufficient they can just delete the post or something, idk

Opportunistic mods from other shitty community hives will drop in. Imagine a neo nazi or neoliberal creating a Lemmy instance and misusing it. Quite the horror.


How so? Someone from this community would need to make them moderator first.

Lemmy allows federation, and thus separate instances of Lemmy itself. Those instances can become cesspools like saidit, raddle, voat and so on.


Yes? I still fail to see how this would have any effect on what I am suggesting.

Editing titles wouldballow moderators to dictate and create echo chambers, misrepresent users and create a vile vicious environment, enough of which we have thanks to shitty reddit clones turned neo nazi hotspots and places like Facebook.

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