134 года

Well then it becomes to what level. There is a distance between thinking stalin was a good leader and thinking he was unitonically perfect and not being able to be critical of him.

I’ve never met anyone who falls into the second category but I’ve seen a white nationalist anarcho communist so I have no doubt that people who worship stalin exist, and if you are talking about those people than I doubt anyone would disagree with you.

The problem comes from calling them tankies as that term has become almost meaningless like a leftist version of calling someone an SJW.

Black Tulip
84 года

There are people who think of papa joe as a god (or otherwise as a flawless creature) but they’re primarily Nazbols, edgy teens, people who are new to leftism and still have the liberal “my political hero is without fault because they’re my hero” mentality, or are mostly joking and just kinda doubled down on it after arguing with Anarchists.

They’re many steps away from the vast majority of Marxists, Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, and other such folk who get called “tankie” when the Anarchos want to deflect instead of discussing. “tankie” is honestly just a slur, and only just shows how little Anarchists understand about the world.

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