anyone have a minute to ask the author to take out the probably-racist term “ricing”?

And if you’re interested in doing some ricing…


I hope you understand that I didn’t mean anything racist with the term. “ricing” is just an acronym describing overly-customized shitty cars, which has been adopted by the Linux community to describe customizing desktop environments & window managers. I don’t see how “ricing” is derogatory to anyone but people who add exhaust tips, useless spoilers, and yellow paint jobs to their cars.


Hey thanks for the reply, didn’t notice you were the author, I wasn’t intentionally speaking to you in the 3rd person.

I figured you probably didn’t intend anything racist by the word “ricing”.

And I know that it’s about “overly-customized shitty cars”, going back to the “Gentoo is for ricers” blog. Did you know it’s about Japanese overly-customized shitty cars?

This forum thread seems helpful: https://www.resetera.com/threads/is-the-term-ricer-racist.103962/

Yes, it started to mock Asians that decked out their cars. There was no term for white people, it was meant to put Asians down in the automotive scene due to their early success.

I think it is. I have only heard it used to describe Asians. I couldn’t imagine going up to an Asian and calling him a “ricer”

Oh my god. I haven’t heard that term in over 15 years. People still say Ricer?! And yeah, I always heard it in reference to Asian street racers. So I assumed it was at least a little racist, whether that was playful ribbing or full on go fuck yourself racism, I dunno. I wasn’t really in that scene.

(It also mentions the “Racing Inspired Car Enhancements” theory of the word origin, which I’d never heard, but I agree with folks there that “RICE” is a backronym, i.e. it was invented after the fact, like “RAP” = “rhythm associated poetry”)

More sources:


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