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NomadBSD doesn’t work on most newer laptops. It doesn’t have many of the drivers used for modern Wifi cards.

I know. But it’s the best you can get for a persistent system on a USB drive. Even better than Puppy.

None. I don’t really see a need. It’s not like anyone is just going to snatch up my computer when I’m away, and my EXWM + Dvorak is enough to drive all the normies away.

What do you want to make? A static site or a web app? If you just want to make a static website I’d highly recommend using a site builder like Jeckyl or Hugo.

5 Great Text Editors For Writing Markdown · The Kernal
I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've had a very hectic last few weeks. But you should expect some more content soon. Marching season is over, so I finally have some free time on my hands.

I hope you understand that I didn’t mean anything racist with the term. “ricing” is just an acronym describing overly-customized shitty cars, which has been adopted by the Linux community to describe customizing desktop environments & window managers. I don’t see how “ricing” is derogatory to anyone but people who add exhaust tips, useless spoilers, and yellow paint jobs to their cars.

Sorry this one took a long time. School has been rough, and with homework and Marching Band, I haven’t had a lot of time to research or write.

Here’s a quick, simple review since I’ve been a little busy lately.

Linux Mint, An Amazing Linux Os For The Desktop
This post makes the [best blog on the internet](https://thekernal.xyz) exactly 1 year old. Thank you all for your support as I try to improve and make new content.

Writing? Theater? Film? Poetry? What kind of Fiction are we talking about here?

Because it makes it easier to collect data on you. Plus, a system-wide VPN addblocker is a lot harder than a browser extension.

I do agree that that’s the main reason that traversing Vim is fast. But, if you’re a power user, using Vim feels so fast and great because you can do almost anything with 1-2 keystrokes. And that same ability to do anything that you would ever need with a single keyboard shortcut, even if the shortcuts are slightly worse, is still there in Gedit.

Because they have advertising. Edge, Vivaldi, and Opera are more popular than brave, but things like Qtbrowser or Ungoogled-Chronium just don’t have any advertising.

They’re honestly just quite shit. They’re notoriously unreliable, use cheap parts, break often, and are very prone to overheating.

Reviewing Every Single Gnome Circle Application
Jesus Christ, this one was a doozy. 40 separate applications get their own, albeit, short reviews. The whole thing clocks in at around 2791 words, so good luck reading it all.

Just fixed the hyperlink not showing up.

I don’t think that America is trying to take over the internet because they secretly hate other non-American or European countries, American companies are just doing what is making them the most money.

No, it’s based off of the open sourced parts of Google’s new operating system, but it is completely independent from google.

I hate it, but it could work.

I personally like to use regular command line tools (cd, mkdir, mv, ls, etc.) but there are many cases where a terminal file manager comes in handy. When working with a large number of files, having a simple list is a lot easier than reading all of the filenames and opening them. Plus, if you’re like me and choose to use a POSIX shell, managing files with terminal commands is hell when you have long filenames.

Not to discredit the contributions of the FSF, Linux does not need GNU, but GNU sure as hell needs Linux. Hurd is a mess, and simply cutting out Linux from the name when it is the most important, complicated piece of the OS is a bit dumb. If we didn’t have GNU, Linux would be doing just fine something like Musl, the BSD compiler, and Busybox. Without Linux, GNU would be nothing but an experimental LibC, Compiler, and Shell.

I added it to the blog. Thanks for reminding me!

Sorry, it’s added.

Sort of. Firefox OS was an old project made for flip phones, that is currently alive in the form of KaiOs.

I always just say “Linux”, because even though I run Gnu software, you can run Linux without GNU (Alpine and Android).

The error should be fixed now, I realized it while I was at lunch but couldn’t do much to stop it from my flip phone.

True, I only really use my graphical browser for the blog & Fediverse. I do most of my research on Lynx.

I would agree that it is the incorrect way to install most software, but suckless software is different. In order to changes, even simple ones like changing the font or colors, you need to rebuild from source manually.

I would go with Fedora. For most desktop needs Debian can be a little out of date, and I don’t think you want to go through all of the hard work of converting to sid. Linux mint is also just Ubuntu with a green coat of paint and snaps removed. Fedora is easy to set up, stable, and has all of the newer software. Fedora, being backed by RedHat has a lot of support and all bugs are fixed within a timely manner. I would highly recommend it.

Yeah, I tried that, but my brain seems more like a Fish than an Ape. It didn’t really work. While the lack of security based applications may seem like an issue, I am able to use all of my encrypted messaging services on my Laptop & Desktop, so I don’t really feel like I’m missing anything.

It’s a mix of many different things. I do like the form factor, but the main appeal for me is that I can use it as just a phone, and nothing more. With a Smartphone I will be tempted to browse social media & play games, but I found that with my Flip Phone I am much more focused and don’t waste as much time.

Here is the guide I used. It does require you to get temporary root and work with the command line a little bit, but it is not super hard.


I agree. If you are looking for a “Linux phone”, the Pinephone or a regular phone with Ubuntu Touch are great. KaiOS’s only real use is filling the niche of people like me who would prefer to have a flip phone. I don’t know if you’ve tried a Android flip phone in a while, but they are utter shit. KaiOS makes the experience a lot better.

But yeah, I really think that Mozilla should have used GPL. I’m not a big fan of the MPL.

True, Arch is a lot more stable than many people give it credit for. In my long time using Arch, I’ve only ever had dependency problems once. And Ubuntu, especially nowadays, is not the best when it comes to stability. However, I would argue that RHEL/RockyLinux or Debian are generally more stable than Arch.

Also, Chromebooks have low profit margines so the price is even lower. They mostly survive on schools and small businesses buying Chromebooks.

A lot of the reason that you can get a Chromebook for around 100$ is that they don’t have to pay for a windows licence like other manufacturers.

To be fair this can and has happened with QT apps, just not on such as big a scale.

GlibC is more ‘boated’ but will give you more support for applications than musl. For example, you can’t run appimages with GlibC. There isn’t much of a difference though. I personally use musl with no problems.