The lemmy has been a hotbed of infighting and sectarianism for the last few month. We need to take responsibility for our own house, because if we don’t, we’ll keep on losing and failing in movements.

  • tamagotchicowboy
    2 years ago

    Come up with some set rules that the community is well-informed of, set lines, and what happens when they are crossed is guaranteed. Crack down if you gotta, I do like the temp ban touch grass idea rather than eating permanent bans and having to reroll accounts. I hate to say it but the community isn’t yet at the point it can self-police, makes me think of the meme of Grounds Keeper Willie and Principal Skinner.

    People look at HB as a good case, it’s not a utopia, its what Lemmy could be quite easily, but they still have struggle sessions (not like they used to) and waves of wreckers come through like its the ocean so often.