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I just tried it and also failed, although I have added in the past. (This same version of lemmur I think)

Pull funding into academia like a magician pulling an endless scarf out of their sleeve.

There have been responses but USA simply veto’s any move to put pressure on them.

No, the NFT thing will go on until all the fools of the world run out of money.

Haha nice, I was really hoping trees were going to pop up in the gap.

(BTW is this an mp4 labeled as a gif because preview doesn’t work)

Oh, maybe see if others have had success with same model card as you. I use Valve index with GTX1080T Alyx went great on Linux wih Nvidia driver version~440 (but haven’t run it for a while)

I think there’s a “is my pc ready for VR” application on steam you could try

“Stop making me hit you” …it really seems like kindergarten-bully is the most lofty highs that their diplomatic thinking can reach.

This has been brought up a number of times, the admins have said in the past its because .ml gets blocked due to third party ban-lists. It doesn’t seem to be direct/targeted at Lemmy but more likely other parties causing trouble from their own .ml domains.

Well duh, it’ll never work if you don’t believe

Whiners! Tri harder

Is putting savings into something like gold a realistic option for average Russians with savings?

Lake Bikal voted in the last one…

Manager “This way, If I see you walking around with intensive burns I’ll know you have been wasting time”

X-post to selfhosted? I cant seem to do it.

Megs and Megs of storage for less than 250W. Ideal for all your most high uptime, demanding applications.

Amazon worker chat app;

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     | OK |

The Dyson headphones/mask looks silly now but in a few years maybe filters are going to be like sunscreen

I tried it a few times and what you describe is how I found it. I left thinking F-that and wondering how on earth that is such a go-to application for people, other than maybe gaming.

I guess cost is always an issue, but its great to see they did the study across multiple countries, cultures, genders and religions - I hope this becomes a more common way of running studies like this.

Thousands of years of camouflage evolution, it would be foolish to expect to see anything.

Yes originally I read it was being trialed for “windows insiders” group only. In this article they claim it wasn’t supposed to be enabled at all, but that could be disaster control department talking.

toMemes@lemmy.mlWater Man

Ships were more of a thing then. Two to three weeks without military backup or food and you would be praying to him harder than anyone.

There is one tiny good thing about that outcome - It would convince people that corporate control over your hardware is out of control, you need to demand it, or learn to hack and take it.

These things are wholesome and good - something must derail them as they grow up.


Have they spent enough money for this to at least become a cult cringe movie?

The lethal/deadly quote cracks me up.

toGNU+Linux Humor@lemmy.mltrue

Its actually a capability built in already

Go to places that have gambling machines, you can get 6 months worth of coins and they don’t bat an eyelid.

New caption for those stickers in USA “Exon did that”

41% of the money came from USA vs 49% from Canada Number of donors was 56% from USA vs 29% from Canada The highest donor $215,000 was not named but $90,000 was from a California Billionaire named in the article.

Propelled in part by the wildly contagious Omicron variant, the US death toll from Covid-19 hit 900,000 on Friday, less than two months after eclipsing 800,000. The two-year total, as compiled by Johns Hopkins University, is greater than the population of Indianapolis, San Francisco, or Charlotte, North Carolina.

AI programmed for Identifying Birds