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Video game have special code for using Steam software.

This emulator not depend on proprietary Steam application and server, but game think like running on real Steam.

I planning make friend finding too. alovoa use Java and more components i don’t have.

My server build with KPHP - it’s translate PHP syntax to C++ and give native application.

I’m think it’s more effective, KPHP under GPLv3. (yeah, it’s made by famous russian closed social, but “play in open source” can be used by libre comminuty).

About post-USSR, my native language is russian and Russia turns more others languages in daily use, i think need select importent goal for support it.

Yeah, i’m choose for direct XMPP. Briar and GNU/Jami format cannot be popular now, because it’s not support offline messages without hassle. In Russia many peoples active using offline messages for save battery life, read about Push technology.

Maybe, but i think for this library need port.

KPHP - compiler for server, using alike PHP syntax for translate it in C++ and build server application.

Now it’s not federated. I don’t know ActivityPub or other protocols for it.

I think Pixelfed using native PHP, but LibreLove.su build with KPHP.

I can do it, yeah.

Open source Steam emulator

LGPLv3. Crossplatform. Native language - C++/C. …


Yesterday i’m started working on FLOSS dating service. …


Yeah, but Midori Desktop using

built on top of Electron and React.

Midori moved from webkit to electron. Electron use chromium engine, UI is node.js (see wiki). Developers write new UI on electron.

Desktop client (based on Electron) under GPLv3 - https://gitlab.com/midori-web/midori-desktop