Experimental dating service under total libre license. Generally for post-USSR countries, but others welcome.

Yesterday i’m started working on FLOSS dating service.

I think make this very privacy friend and without payments.

Using old past PHP experience, but mobiles apps required. Maybe later, i learn Java and Swift, but support from community welcome.

Is it friendly to ethical non-monogamy of various flavors? One of my main issues with other dating sites is that they aren’t particularly friendly to it.


I can do it, yeah.

even closed source and highly moderated services have big problem with bots / fake profiles

I imagine that finding a solution for this problem will be very hard

I was waiting for something like this to come up, cheers!
Here is my idea of a FLOSS dating platform. I believe you can make a lightweight project by making it behave just like a profiles gallery, you can make use of pixelfed’s code to speed up the process.
you can also let people fill their profiles with their federated social media content. by pulling profile pics, bios, and posts and linking them to the their dating profile.
As for direct chats, because of how sensitive this data is. you can let people add their instant messenger handles, like matrix, xmpp, briar, or jami accounts and carry on the chatting using those platforms. this will save the instance admins from a lot of legal responsibility.


Yeah, i’m choose for direct XMPP. Briar and GNU/Jami format cannot be popular now, because it’s not support offline messages without hassle. In Russia many peoples active using offline messages for save battery life, read about Push technology.


XMPP sounds like a good choice. AFAIK it is already used in popular dating apps such as Grindr.

A while ago I actually suggested to have a dating app build into Movim, but the main developer didn’t like it so much.



I agree with , that you’re likely to have a lot of bots and fake profiles … and it’s likely to turn into a platform for soliciting prostitution.

However, I think bots and fake profiles can be dealt with in various ways. First, captchas, second, a very easy way to signal that the profile is fake or a bot — like three buttons: like, not like and bot.

Another way to increase moderation is to allow some extra privileges (for a limited time) in exchange for moderation services. Extra privileges might be: extra “super likes,” increased range, being “featured,” ability to send a message without first liking, ability to hide location, etc.

Moderation would basically involve looking at a profile and determining whether it was appropriate or not (clearly these would mostly be profiles that had already been flagged … but perhaps not enough to warrant removal yet). This might be just looking at the profile and determining whether and what kind of inappropriate profile it is. This might be an anonymous chat between the suspect profile and the moderator. This might be asking the user to assume a certain pose, allowing them to block their face with a T shape and then having the moderator determine if they assumed the correct pose.


i have an idea how about we build a federated dating site for furrys :D

Better for everynyan including furrys :3

How do you make a dating site that is specifically for post USSR countries?

are you aware of alovoa? Maybe you could collaborate to some degree.

I also think you can pretty easily generalize it to a “friend finding” website (something like bumble bff). You could specify activities you want to do with someone like exercise or walking or some interest and find people.


I planning make friend finding too. alovoa use Java and more components i don’t have.

My server build with KPHP - it’s translate PHP syntax to C++ and give native application.

I’m think it’s more effective, KPHP under GPLv3. (yeah, it’s made by famous russian closed social, but “play in open source” can be used by libre comminuty).

About post-USSR, my native language is russian and Russia turns more others languages in daily use, i think need select importent goal for support it.

About post-USSR, my native language is russian and Russia turns more others languages in daily use, i think need select importent goal for support it.

I don’t completely understand what you said here, i assume your english is not very good (English is also not my first language so i understand getting good at it is tough, just keep reading and practicing!, I think it’s one of the most useful skills you can ever work on).

If the main problem is that you don’t know english well and can’t provide a translation have a look at how liberapay does it (look at the upper right corner of the homepage). you could have others provide a english translation (but probably the sooner you will add a translation infrastructure the better).

Cool project btw!


Will it be federated?

I think a dating site would really benefit from having local instances or ones that focus on specific interests or sexual orientations.

Maybe a Pixelfed fork would work? Or an alternative front-end for Pleroma?


Now it’s not federated. I don’t know ActivityPub or other protocols for it.

I think Pixelfed using native PHP, but build with KPHP.


I think it could work with ActivityPub. There are some php libraries for it that would make it easier.


Maybe, but i think for this library need port.

KPHP - compiler for server, using alike PHP syntax for translate it in C++ and build server application.

Yeah I think making it federated would really make this worth using. Good luck with this project!

Great approach. Good luck with this.

I reccomend to create an approach for both tech. Architecture as well as user experience design before looking at which tech to use. This also gives the community something to engage with at an early stage and to see your vision.

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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