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That podcast you mention, It Could Happen here, is created by a Robert Evans who used to work for Bellingcat in Syria. Bellingcat which is funded by the NED and George Soros’ open society foundation. Robert Evans is also an anarchist.

Listening through that podcast to the end leaves you with a feeling of urgency about the crises in the world. It’s like, we have no time for a transitional state communism, we need socialism NOW. Of course, that idea is very utopian. As true as it is that the current system we live in is driving us to the brink, we are also constrained by reality and need to think pragmatically. The best case scenario for a worker’s movement may not be everything we’d hoped for.

But that podcast is designed to give you that feeling. It’s really an amazing piece of propaganda. It’s also very prophetic about the state of unrest that occurred in 2020, eerily similar to the hypothetical scenarios described.

That said, I’m still convinced we are on track for an American warlord era by the end of the decade. I don’t see how it can be avoided.

Natural gas shortage = fertilizer shortage as natural gas is a main component of nitrogen fertilizer production. Sanctions on gas play a role, but fertilizer prices have doubled in the last two years, driven by a similar increase in natural gas prices. It’s unclear to me why gas prices are so high since 2020.

Another thing, the Pontic steppe region that covers both Ukraine and Southern Russia is very fertile for agriculture. This is because of a very rare type of soil called black soil. Look at the map in the article you’ll find more info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernozem. So Russia and Ukraine are some of the biggest agricultural producers in the world and the two of them at war is bad news for the food market.

So the rise in food prices was going to happen no matter what because of a rise in gas prices unrelated to the Ukraine conflict. But the war is certainly exacerbating things.

The original soy face vs the original gigachad

The one person who spread covid to north korea:

Paul Morrin is a MLM who thinks China is imperialist so I don’t really trust his perspective on things.

It’s like that biblical story where Joseph stockpiles grain for 7 years in Egypt and during the famine his brothers who sold him into slavery come begging for just a little to eat

I don’t know that Cena really supports China, I just think he’s a smart businessman. The Rock was a big fan of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and even made a video with them. Seems like he wants to throw his hat into politics sometime in the future as a typical lib democrat.

It was a worthwhile listen back in the Bernie campaign and making fun of all the corporate shitlibs. Snake and rat emojis. I’m asking you once again for your financial support. The Iowa caucus disaster that was decided by the shadiest looking coin flips and dark software, and still to this day has not been called by AP. Better times. Things were so simple.
But yeah, there was no reason to listen after Bernie lost. Time to grow up and get serious.

Goes back to Malthus vs Marx. Malthus believed population grows exponentially and the economy grows linearly. So in the future, there will be a point where population exceeds economic growth which spells disaster. Malthus is relevant again because it seems even though population growth is slowing down, we’ve hit a limit to the economic development that market capitalism can provide and are now transitioning into fully socialized forms of production.

We have a ruling class that is now seeing humanity as an obstacle rather than a tool.

New community !deepintopeertube for obscure videos

Lemmy version of r/deepintoyoutube on Reddit


Wow that must be a recent revision. I don’t remember that being there before.

Oh I see. So if I’m understanding it correctly, if the median age is 18, then half of the population is younger than 18 and are minors. Wow.

Where do you find median life expectancy in palestine is 18? Not trying to challenge you or anything, just when I try to look it up I only get search results that tell me how good things are in palestine.

You will own nothing and you will be happy -Netflix

I thought so too, and yet, I still see posts about Ukraine on their telegram.

ASB military on telegram has always been reliable to me. They don’t post much though because security concerns of their journalists who live in Nazi countries with no freedom of speech.
Also, I’ve found Intel Slava Z on telegram has the highest volume of raw footage and coverage. No idea who runs that account though.
And Jackson Hinkle on YouTube does Russia coverage nonstop every day.

I was never too interested in it, but one year someone wrote my name down on the sign up list to run for class representative. I don’t even know who it was, but someone nominated me lol. So I figured if someone wanted me to be the representative then I would do it. But that was the year for some reason they decided to scrap the whole class rep thing before the election even happened. Amazing.

The wokes have gone too far this time...

I just heard KIDS are learning about PRONOUNS in school!!..


They teach defensive driving courses, why not offensive driving?

How am I supposed to boost my k/d ratio if I don’t know how to drive offensively?..


What is a Lemmy Buck Worth?

If it ever got to the point where someone exchanged real money for one, no matter how little, you could finally measure the exchange rate to real currency. There could be a major spike in the price in the future. I say INVEST. BUY BUY BUY…


This is the Groundhog Day of the American Unipolar Order

My analysis on the situation. …


Video showing wholesome moment between Donetsk father and daughter is falsely labeled as a Ukrainian soldier off to war

The video was originally posted by mayor of Gorlovka, Ivan Prikhodko on Feb 21 as DPR was evacuating children to Russia while Ukraine attacked. It was reposted and falsely captioned as “Ukrainian father saying goodbye to his daughter before he go to defend his country against the Russian invasion”, …


Brigaders are coming from /pol/

I found the source of the brigaders. …


The mod creator says they’ve dedicated 2,000 hours over the last two years to make Runelite HD but was only recently messaged by Jagex.


Just installed Lemmur

I got a new android phone today, so I can finally check this out.
UI is great. Everything looks really impressive so far. …


The splash damage would have been great against the Nazis…