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It is difficult to shut down decentralized internet in the first place

Idk, I think I’d rather be in Brazil shape because you would have broad shoulders and narrow waist

And people actually bought it

It’s just the verb for going via transportation. Russian has different words for going based on how you go. I don’t know why these are in past tense though. I would think the meme would work with infinitive forms.

I don’t feel like explaining it in depth tbh, so there’s this comment thread.
The reason why I would not call it an IDE is that it is designed as a lightweight code editor first. The build/debug environment is not integrated, you can keep things separated, which is what I like about it. If you want an integrated environment, VS code lets you integrate it yourself because it is extensible. The power you get from VS code’s extensibility makes it seem like an IDE at times, but it is clearly a different beast entirely when you compare it to Visual Studio IDE.

I don’t like to use IDEs, but I love using VS Code

Windows and Apple: Skips 9
Samsung: Skips 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

It’s hilarious that they don’t filter these

That’s sort of off topic though. Sure there were anarchists in Ukraine during the civil war putting their own plans into action, but by 1921, these factions did not exist anymore, and the soviet policy was then put into place.
What I meant by collectivization here was the specific policy enacted in 1929 while Stalin was leader, because that’s the topic of discussion.

No one said anything about Posadas until you came here

There was a positive correlation between collectivization and crop output in Ukraine during this time, and the famine began before collectivization started. This discounts the idea that collectivization caused the famine. Instead, collectivization was introduced to help deal with the famine.

Also, collectivization is not some communist ideal. It is a revolution in production that every modern country has undergone at some point in time. In America, farms are heavily collectivized with heavy subsidies from the US government. The chicken industry, for example, is an oligopoly of four major corporations.
This mode of farming where everyone owns their own subsistence farm cannot support an urbanizing population. In early 1930s USSR, farming was still done with ox and plow. Individual farmers could not afford tractors and other equipment for their small plots of land. But with pooled resources, it is possible over larger tracts of land.

Love, death, robots is truly some of the best work in animation out there

People may downvote, but this is spot on. Joe Biden bragged about this in that speech about Israel he made way back. That Israel was important for USA geopolitically, and if Israel did not exist, an Israel would have to be created.

I don’t know about converging. What tends to happen naturally is that when a niche opens up, dozens of languages pop up to fill it. The most popular ones win while the others fizzle out and stop getting developed. They can take inspiration from others of course. I think a lot of developers would be upset if a language they were using were merged into another one.

I’m all for languages adding new features and even new paradigms though. The big one lately is all these languages adding lambda functions. This enables people to program using a functional paradigm which has benefits for security and testability, and lets you apply formulaic proofs to code. So if you want to write code functionally you are not stuck using Haskell. You have C++, Java, Python, JavaScript. Each of these designed for a different runtime environment. You don’t need to multiply each type of programming paradigm with each type of runtime environment needing countless different languages. Instead the languages people are familiar with become more powerful which is a good thing.

I didn’t realize Canada stockpiles maple syrup like America stockpiles oil and gold

In fact, there’s some legitimate use for the ability to like your own stuff; I’ve chosen to un-upvote or even downvote my own Reddit posts if I later decide I was wrong (or in one case because I realized I misread the person I was replying to and said something rather abrasive as a result).

The mod creator says they’ve dedicated 2,000 hours over the last two years to make Runelite HD but was only recently messaged by Jagex.

Just installed Lemmur

I got a new android phone today, so I can finally check this out.
UI is great. Everything looks really impressive so far. …