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  • Alt right pipeliners started screaming about ethics in game journalism after some indie game got a better review than they felt it deserved, off of what they claimed was the dev sleeping with the reviewer, and it all coalesced into frothing mad chuds doing hardcore misogyny non-stop, sliding into overt racism and antisemitism as well. The whole thing was orchestrated and paid for by the usual fascist technocrat Peter Thiel types to create more neonazis from young lonely men by claiming the Jews were unboobing all the sexy video game ladies.

    Gamer gate 2 is the losers who became influencers off gamer gate claiming that DEI is meant to unsex the video game women and destroy traditional masculinity, and Sweet Baby Inc is at the forefront.

    SBI is a consulting agency with like 20 employees that are hired to look at game scripts and so on to advise on issues of cultural sensitivity, because as it turns out white men buy any old slop but you can get more paying customers by appealing to minorities like women and black people so long as you don’t spit in their faces. This is also the ultimate manifestation of white genocide somehow