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Why american prooaganda? Notepad is against china because of hong kong iirc

Wasn’t that my point in the first place? You need to trust piped. If you selfhost, it’s just you

The chromium licensing might be a problem. Bromite is good but it’s only on android and 1. I’d like to support firefox. I use mull. Bromite doesn’t support idontcareaboutcookies and I hate those banners.

What’s the advantage of pale moon? A very good pre hardened firefox fork is librewolf. All extensions work.

Yes, it’s proprietary but there is no real foss alternative that is actually that good. I’ll have a look into tunlookup but if it’s only for win and mac it’s not that practicle. Everyone needs a solution, at least for android. Reducing the power of google is more important than foss/proprietary and linguee doesn’t abuse it’s power in the sense thst google does.

You can selfhost it, but what’s the point? Don’t you still get all the recommendations from google?

I agree. I support firefox.

What I do not know is which browser or engine is actually better? Because if chromium is actuall better wouldn’t it be benefitial (even for firefox) to fork it and just go their own ways after the fork? But as I said, I have not the expertise to judge that.

If you still use google services like google translate but with another front end, you still give google all the power. You don’t support an alternative and there never will be one, if you still use google.

If you use a different front end you give an unknown identity your ip data. E.g. the piped website. I have no idea who that is. Why should I use that? He can insert any video he likes. It’s different from e.g. newpipe. With newpipe there is no other party involved than you and google. Yes, they could hide something in the code, but you can inspect it yourself.

Or for google translate, you still send the data to google. Maybe not the data when you write it, but as soon as you press enter, google will have that data. You should use an alternative, e.g. linguee, deepl. I’m not saying it’s perfect but it’s better than giving all your data to google, and it’s actually better than google.

The site is nested. Imo it wiuld be better to clean it.


Google Alternatives

Google Translate

  • deepl. Deepl is …


  • newpipe. Blabla…

Can I hide a community?
If you block a community you can't see anything related to that one. If I block xy and look at profile A, and profile A mostly posts in xy, I can't see all those posts because I blocked the instancs. But if the instance justs sucks bevause MOST of the time people just post bs, you din't want to see it in lemmy and need to block it. Can you just hide it so that it's not in the feed anymore?

I don’t run a server. I’m just a basic user that sees a “lot of” posts from another instance that I don’t understand or like or want to see.

Spoiler: No it’s not

In the upper right corner I press on the hamburger icon

With lemmur. Haven’t checked it with the website. But it should be the same behavior, because there are different comments, right?

Can I delete a post?
I posted on !asklemmy which was the wrong forum. Can I delete that post? If not should I just leave it there as is or replace title and body with nothing? I'm on lemmur. Edit: somehow my post is gone and I can't see it anymore.

Is it normal that I see posts two times?
I'm on feddit which is federated with lemmy.ml. I see many posts twice and with different comments. Is that normal/intended? Edit: I'm on lemmur

Like !lemmy_support ? Yes, just like a regular user. That’s what I do each day ;)

Can I block a whole instance?
There's an instance which has mostly weird stuff and I need to block a sub each other day. Can I block the whole instance?

It’s probably best if you download element/schildichat and check it out yourself.

Just wanted to tell you that most people simply don’t care about email and won’t pay “a lot” for it.

  1. It was imoortant to OP that it’s free and has a client. You may assume that it’s privacy respecting but owning your own domain doesn’t increase your privacy. You will standout and every mail send to @XY.Z is an email to you.

If privacy is important, use PGP or selfhost your email. But the amount of work that is needed is not worth the trouble for an average person.

The chance that you need to recover your account us so tiny that you can neglect it. And if you know that you’re doing shady stuff withyour email account, just selfhosting won’t be enough either.

What's the difference between desktop environments?
I wonder why devs need to work on multiple different environments. I only have (user)experience with KDE and GNOME but what's the difference between them? - It's not the default layout, you could ship another default version - goals can be to maximize customizability (features) while minimizing ressources. Or the other way round. (Or simplicity) - is it because devs like different frameworks (qt, gtk)? Or language?