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Sorry but what does this have to do with Marxism/Communism?

Am I the only one who thinks this looks way too easy? After all the money and effort the US and right-wing Bolivian forces spent to execute the coup, you mean to tell me that they’re just gonna play fair and roll over, allowing MAS to retake power?

This makes absolutely no sense to me.

This is fucking phenomenal prose. It makes me jealous that I didn’t write it myself. Which subreddit did you see this on?

Countries that abstain from voting against fascism are - for all intents and purposes - fascist.

@bay, loved every minute of this. I listened to the entire 5 hours at work (that’s where I do all my Marxist study). I’m also a huge fan of Paul Morrin’s other loooonnnnggggg drunken Marxist convos too.

Keep it up! Don’t be afraid to do other longform discussions.