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I actually fell in love with a lady in Vietnam and ended up moving here and now have a kid. It wasn’t really a decision to just move to a socialist country but it’s one I’m happy with, and if you’re interested in doing so I would recommend it.

The standard of living is less than I’m used to and it can be annoying at times. I miss certain things, mainly wide open spaces that I can take my dog to, and being constantly on guard with him because dogs can be pretty aggressive here due to owners beating them and letting them roam off leash. I’m not generalizing, that’s just how it is here. Some people love dogs but hitting them with sticks and stuff isn’t exactly uncommon. That stuff sucks but the rest is all good. Im much happier here than I ever was in Australia and I’ve never had such a chill boss.

The best thing is the big lunch breaks where everyone sleeps. Took about a year to adjustto that and now I’m dozing off with the best of them after eating. It’s the bomb.

I saw that post last night and came to the conclusion this post is about and decided it was time.