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Proving your points through data, rational arguments, and historic accounts is Maoist.

Excuse me, but where are the sources? All this article does is make some claims and shares some anecdotes without any sources to back them up.

Also, how is the cultural revolution responsible for Deng’s support of Pol Pot? Furthermore, the bourgeoisie powers would endlessly attack and demonise socialism regardless of what happened during the cultural revolution.

The three “sources” in the article only talk about the views of the current CPC leadership, no opinion polls are cited, neither any official studies. When discussing the Cultural Revolution, something that condemns the current CPC leadership, surely their views cannot be taken as an authoritative source.

If anyone reading this is interested in a counter-history of Cultural Revolution China that challenges the hegemonic view of the West and the Chinese bourgeoisie and petty-bourgeoisie intellectuals, read ‘The Battle for China’s Past: Mao and the Cultural Revolution’ by Mobo Gao. I’d also recommend ‘Shenfan’ which covers the Chinese revolution extensively, and it’s sequel ‘Fanshen’. Also, watch the documentary film ‘How Yukong Moved The Mountains’.

Here are even more sources: https://old.reddit.com/r/communism/comments/1nlylf/a_collection_of_books_on_mao_and_maoism/

There’s a lot I’d like to argue with here, but I’ve only just started reading into Maoism and don’t have the confidence to have such an argument. But I do want to make a clarification, Maoists don’t uphold Mao as some perfect figure beyond critique. Maoism is the third stage of revolutionary science that took the good, universal aspects of Mao’s theory and praxis, building on Marxism-Leninism, and applied it to making revolution. Maoism is not doing what Mao did. Maoism only came into being in 1988 through the people’s war in Peru and then properly in 1993 For further reading:


Thanks for reminding me of China’s arms sales to Saudia Arabia and others. I used to be a big China supporter and used to dismiss these things as ‘necessities’ or one-off things. I’ll need to look into it again.

I feel it is an incredibly important topic to determine, definitively, whether China is socialist or capitalist(-imperialist). Is there any book that deals with this issue in detail?

That’s a reasonable answer. I can’t even find any other capitalist media outlets reporting it. So I don’t think (hopefully) it is true.

Have you perhaps read Mobo Gao’s The Battle for China’s Past? I’ve read into the Cultural Revolution (https://old.reddit.com/r/communism/comments/1nlylf/a_collection_of_books_on_mao_and_maoism/ Also, watch the documentary “How Yukong Moved the Mountains”) and it looks to me that China went the capitalist road right after Mao’s death. The CCP dismantled all the socialist institutions and caused intense suffering for it’s people (Mobo Gao, read the last two chapters). It is a bit hard for me to understand how they went back to socialist road after doing such things.

I ask in good faith. My knowledge of Modern China is from Deng to Hu Jintao and I also don’t have authoritative knowledge of China’s foreign policy and if it is imperialist (though I plan on reading more soon). But I would be more than happy to consider other sources and other perspectives.

I mean I understand why certain comrades behave that way. A lot of antinatalists are libertarians and eugenicists (though I would not consider them antinatalists). Some antinatalist thinkers like Schopenhauer and Zapffe had reactionary takes on women and society too.

And yeah, antinatalism is bascially just my personal beliefs too. I don’t attack people who disagree, I simply wish for them to reflect and consider. I don’t think antinatalism has much (if any) influence/implications as a social movement. Actual dialogues about whether or not we should stop procreating as a society can’t be had in capitalist society. For me, antinatalism is linked with communism, as a movement, far in the future.

Do you have any antinatalist themed movies, books, etc you would recommend?

Also, do you know of any antinatalist marxist thinkers?

That’s great. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

I agree with your comment. I wish more people would consider adopting instead of procreating. Though my main reasons for antinatalism are related to my own suffering and the unnecessary suffering that people around the world are subjected to.

If you look at previous posts about antinatalism r/communism and r/socialism, the top comment would usually be “antinatalism is a reactionary ideology” or they’d call all antinatalists fascists without any further discussion…

So It’s really nice to have a positive response :)

Are there any antinatalists here?

For those who don’t know: Antinatalism, or anti-natalism, is a philosophical position and social movement that assigns a negative value to birth. Antinatalists argue that people should abstain from procreation because it is morally bad (some also recognize the procreation of other sentient beings as…

Thanks for sharing this