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Trump’s Imperialism is finally catching up to him just in time for the torch to be passed over, and even some of his biggest funders have quite literally died. Accelerationists would only wish he got re-elected- Oh, and practically everyone in my state as well, and the next over, and the next…

Play well, coman-… Damn I missed it!

I use to live on a mountain within the Eastern TN Valley area. It was specifically opposite to the larger, more prosperous side of the range which stored gated communities of Bourgeois superhomes (one including a literal Game of Thrones castle) -of course we were upon the side with the only surrounding county containing a gas station now-and-then, with crackheads plentiful, quite the infamy along the other local counties.

My mother was arrested for riding alongside one of these wooded roads whilst saving her half-lab from getting mauled by a pack of dogs; all for him to ask for licence and registration amidst the caked mud. It was safe to say she went to jail that night, leaving my father and I to watch over 4 kids.

MLs will still be able to post and minor debate etc.? I’m de facto implying left unity but just want clarity.

New site smell, anyone?