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Years and Years ago I read about a boy that sold his kidney for the latest iphone..
For some bizarre reason I wanted to see where he is now. He's now suffering from renal failure in his one remaining kidney (likely due to the poorly sanitased place he got his 'surgery' done) and bedridden for life. All for an iphone 4 What a sad waste of life Update on this guy https://www.newsweek.com/man-who-sold-kidney-iphone-bedridden-after-second-organ-failure-1290083 https://www.mandatory.com/fun/1489099-kidney-iphone original story: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-pacific-13647438/chinese-teenager-sells-kidney-to-buy-ipad-and-iphone

Yeah anarchists are shit and will always be shit

But at least I can respect IRL anarchists who seem to be much better

Online anarchists are 15 yr olds that dont like capitalism but at the same time swallow every single piece of propaganda against previous socialist states and 3rd world countries that aren’t banana republics for western consumerism

Sure but what they did to MLs on raddle suggests they have no intention of learning or reading history

Their foreign policy always conveniently lines up with the cia

Clamp down on Anarchist shits please

They purged the communism sub of mls (on raddle)

Why should we allow them here?