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Was Fidel Castro a dictator?

I keep on hearing that Fidel was a dictator, but I cant get a clear image on why. What is the story of this?..

No more propaganda. Give speeches, organize, guard, and rise up!

_<p>this is a test<p>__

What is life like in Cuba?

I’m just curious…

Karl is my favorite commie.

Welcome to c/Marxism!

😀 We are glad to see you here, but please read the rules of the sub and if you dont, ITS ON YOU. This sublemmy is about Karl Marx and Marxism. If you’d like to learn more about Karl Marx and his theory, visit the link below…



Cubans and cuba-fans, welcome. There is much to do, and forever to do it…


Oh sorry, and I am already done with the argument.

Thanks, comrade Bagels.

He put those words in my mouth.


There are no homophobes here, your parents aren’t here to watch over you. Be yourself, post a meme or ask for help. Gay leftists, unite!..