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What baffles me about this is that most Muslim countries don’t seem to give a fuck about what’s happening to the Uighurs.

They only care when it serves their political agenda.

Just like Americans then.

Bringing up stuff about the US does not absolve China of its current actions. Are the lives of the Uigher people worth only as much as the opportunity to critique America?

These people keep missing the point. The argument is obviously not ‘If the U.S. gets to do bad things, so does China.’ it’s ‘If the U.S. cared about Muslims, it would start at home.’ That is why we suspect that this is nothing more than atrocity propaganda, similar to the reports that the German Reich was printing about ‘Czech atrocities’ in 1938.

The only excuse that these people have left is that it must just be an unfortunate coincidence that the Empire is distorting and exploiting a ‘real’ atrocity for its personal gain, whereas these moderates are the ones who really care. That still raises the question of how they know for sure that the PRC is committing an atrocity against the Uigurs, though. Through their Chinese gusano friends, maybe?

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