I didn’t recognize Boba, as the actor has aged so much. Baldness alters a person’s look a lot. So that’s who dragged away Ming-na Wen’s character last season! I thought he’d be some necromancer, seeing as how she was shot point-blank. Her character’s return is what I’m most excited about.

I love the titular Marshal, played by Timothy Olyphant, who has aged extremely well (he’s 52!). His character has a likable swagger. More of him!

A missed opportunity is when the Tusken Raiders and the villagers were battling the dragon together, they could’ve worked more cooperatively. As the Tuskens were pulling on the dragon with their roped harpoons and were sent flying into the air, the villagers could’ve helped pull on the rope, like a tug-of-war with the dragon. It’d be a powerful image of budding solidarity. But even after they won, the villagers remain separated in their own clique as their cheered.

In fact, the villagers remind me of how Israeli settlers whine and brag about how hard they’ve worked to build their homes, and how they demonize the natives and look down on them.

For a season pilot, it adds less to the overall storyline than I expected, but I’ve always liked the show for its experimental and episodic feel. It’s ok that it’s not so much about the plot as it’s about the individual adventure and the wacky extraterrestrials we encounter.

imdb data on the episode


Agreed! And I definitely agree about the settlers, though I don’t think they’re based off of those types of settlers. All the same, I think that the Tuskens got it worse. They were the ones that mostly died against the Krayt Dragon! I’m guessing that Boba is going to play a role in this story and so will Tatooine as whole.

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