Buzzfeed News recent discovery “Blanked-Out Spots On China’s Maps Helped Us Uncover Xinjiang’s Camps” turns out to have much more, and much less, to the real story.

Numerous people have investigated these claims and found that there are no “gray tiles” to be found and where they were alleged to be covering up so-called camps instead there were typical buildings including a residential apartment and there was no censoring of the satellite images to be found (original tweet thread here, more here.)

Note that BuzzfeedNews is a highly awarded team of investigative journalists including Pulitzer prize winners and a reporter in the White House press pool and is not the main Buzzfeed site, so this isn’t just some trash-tier hack who is in a race to the bottom against The Daily Mail but instead it’s supposed to be reputable journalism.

The absolute state of western journalism when a random person on twitter has more ethics and is more diligent than a trained, experienced team of professionals with the resources of an entire organization at their fingertips.

And this is supposed to be the best evidence that they can come up with to “prove” that the camps exist? Maybe the blank spaces were inside them all along, in the places where the reporter’s brain and journalistic integrity is supposed to be?


Yikes. Buzzfeed News? Reputable journalism? I remember when they weren’t and were considered a rag.

I miss those days.


Lol, they are a part of a parent company called Buzzfeed Media (from memory) but they are definitely two distinct organizations, with Buzzfeed trash being used to fund the actual journalism of Buzzfeed News.

They really should have changed the name for the news company though.

Buzzfeed News has actually released legit, high quality news and investigate reports, despite what their name might make you think.

If this came out of Buzzfeed I would have ignored it entirely because Buzzfeed is unmitigated garbage. On the other hand, Buzzfeed News has some clout.



Okay, that I did not know. And yes, that would explain why I sometimes see great articles from Buzzfeed News here and there. Thanks for the clarification! I definitely needed it.


I got linked that buzzfeed article the other day… instantly noticed it referenced both zenz and the aspi, that australian right wing think tank.

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