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Over the Time our Subreddit has accumulated quite a lot of Megathreads regarding different Nations. As it has been pointed out by u/Zaroden in his comment it would be useful to organise them in a helpful manner. So here is my take on that. I got together all the Megathreads that i know about but I certainly would be happy to make addition if I am missing out on one or a new one gets made.During the making of my Mega-Megathread I found a helpful post made by u/flesh_eating_turtle which already gathered most of the Megathreads. Thanks for your work comrade!


America and Iran Mega thread.


Anti-Communist myths debunked (giant google docs document)

Reading List Collection

Useful Studies and Sources for Debating Reactionaries

Sources and Studies to Debunk Racism and “Race Realism”

Masterpost for Defending Socialism Against Anarchist Attacks, With Sources

Online Library regarding communist Literature

Socialism FAQ

(r/communism) Wiki

(r/communism101) Wiki

(r/shitliberalssay) Wiki

Nations (+ Hong Kong)


Masterpost on the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania, With Sources


Masterpost on the Achievements of Socialism in Bolivia

Evo Morales and Bolivia Megathread. A look at the accomplishment of Morales and His Fight Against Imperialism.

[EFFORT POST] Counter CIA Propaganda - A guide to the situation in Bolivia

Bolivia Coup: one month on


Cuba and Fidel Castro MegathreadAnother Masterpost on Cuban Socialism, With Sources


On the accusations against President Salvador Allende of anti-semitism and other hateful behaviors.


China Megathread: Everything a Leftist Must KnowChina Megathread 2: Debunking Western Propaganda

Fake News & Myths about China DebunkedA Response to “Organ Harvesting” Claims Against China

Megathread explaining why China’s economic boom and drastic poverty reduction is attributable to socialism

Detailed Analysis of Living Standards Under Mao Zedong, Based on Academic Sources

Class composition of the Communist Party of ChinaChina as a Socialist & Marxist-Leninist State: A defense

Beijing, Suzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai : what the future holds for China.

Reading List on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics


DPRK Megathread: Part 1DPRK Megathread: Part 2

German Democratic Republic

Masterpost on the German Democratic Republic


Masterpost on the Hungarian People’s Republic

Hong Kong (Yeah. Its China but this needs a sub-chapter)

We Need a Serious Discussion on the Overwhelming Misinformation on China and HK

Beware of “Hong Kong Peralism;” Why the Hong Kong Protesters Must be Analyzed Critically From the Left.

Hong Kong’s Problem isn’t China or Communism; Its Capitalism


Analysis of the Naxalite Movement and Its Achievements, With Sources


Celebrating the Sandinistas: Sources on their Achivements


Masterpost on the Polish People’s Republic


Historians Proving that the Ukrainian Famine Was Not Caused by Stalin and/or Socialism


Masterpost on the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Part One: The Achievements of Soviet Socialism)

How much power did Stalin legally have, and if he did have legal restrictions on power, did he often ignore them?

Response to Anti-Soviet Claims

On the Crimes of the USSRSources on War Crimes and Atrocities Committed by the Red Army

[Polemic] The Anarcho-Kulak Bandits Of Russia And Ukraine

A brief overview of Trotsky’s liberal counter-revolution"Yezhov’s Opposition" an excerpt.


Toward a continued demystification of Rojava — it’s a long one


Syria megathread


Venezuela Megathread: How Socialists Should Respond to Upcoming EventsVenezuela Resources and Megathread PART 2


How has Vietnam developed since the war?


Masterpost on the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia



ICE Megathread: Legal information and resources concerning immigration rights (Spanish translation available too!)

The DPRK megathread has been deleted. Has anyone been able to get it back? That one was a treasure trove of information.


I’m asking around rn.

Hey comrade, good job, but I noticed a few things. Easiest one, the link about the Zapatistas is incomplete. What I noticed looking through this is that most of the links link back to reddit. I know it would be a bigger project, but it would be better if you copied the masterposts over into new posts here and linked to them instead, as even with this post we’re still relying on reddit.


Oh whoops, I’ll do a continued.

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