As I said: Stop thirsting for nazis for 1 day challenge: IMPOSSIBLE!

They were so stylish and badass and cool and edgy and had cool tech and engineering 100000 times more advanced than Soviets, Star Wars level technology, they wanted to exterminate all non-whites for which I don’t agree and they would probably kill me also, but on the other hand they were better than those damn gommies who killed 100 trillion people weekly and had no freedum and democrazy and freeze speech and they only won because of zombie human waves. Muh Fincestland was really badass becuz they killed those damn gommies with muh sniper who had 10+ million kills and they were also totally not nazi and won the war, kicked USSR so hard that it had to sue for peace and I’m cumming right now as I post 1000000000000th meme today to own those damn gommies and all people I consider subhuman who are the enemies of my dear CIA pentagon masters and our puppets and to show how capitalism is edgy and cool and how intensive bootlicking of billionaires and system because of which 20 million brown people in Global South are dying yearly is a good thing and I’m cumming and shitting and pissing from the levels of how amazing and smort I am.


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