I was just expecting the game to be a liberal critique of capitalism and providing no solutions to the problems of the Halcyon colony or some “both sides” gibberish that liberals love. I was also expecting something like “the other side is just as bad” like in Bioshock Infinite, where the Anarchists are considered to be just as bad as the racists that brutally exploit the Black and the Irish.

But I gotta say, I didn’t expect them to be so aggressive in their critique of capitalism and to portray the opposition in such a positive light.

They portray the inhabitants of Byzantium (the capital city and the representation of the first world) as arrogant people who don’t really care about the exploitation of workers in other cities. These people also believe they are rich because they “worked hard”.

The corporations have also enacted an embargo on the planet Monarch and depict the people living there as lawless crazed marauders that live in complete anarchy. In reality, the people living there are free from corporate control. Even though they struggle against the hardships of the planet, they are truly free from imperialism. This is similar to the slandering and propaganda countries like Cuba, DPRK and Venezuela have to endure.

Also in Monarch you have two ideologically opposed groups. The MSI company that tries be treat its workers humanely and pretty much functions like a social democracy and the Iconoclasts. These are the communists that have abandoned the capitalist structure and formed their own community. I can even see some similarities between the leader of the Iconoclasts and Lenin.

TL;DR: Maybe I’m just seeing things but I’m pretty sure this game was written by comrades. If you like RPGs and hate capitalism you’ll definitely like this game.

the most oppressed minority
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