Not sure where else to post this, given the frivolous nature of the topic.

So a few days ago I accidentally got into a political conversation with a liberal colleague. The topic was the much beloved by liberals in post-soviet states matter of “singular protests with an empty paper”.

For those not familiar with this brand of silliness, it’s a type of performative “protesting” whereupon a person would go alone (or together with a cameraman) somewhere public and stand there with an empty piece of paper - sometimes large, sometimes just an A4.

The idea (supposedly) is to demonstrate the stupidity of the Anti-Protest laws, since in some countries (Russia, Kazakhstan) such a performance usually ends quickly with police arriving and detaining the “protestors”.

The main issue in the conversation, however, was my colleague’s assertion that such acts are perfectly harmless, don’t disturb anyone and thus should not be interrupted. And that police detention is an absurd overreaction due to the undemocratic nature of our government. And that in democratic countries - such as France or South Korea (his examples) one could do that with no problems whatsoever.

And now I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.


Well the gist of the argument was that a single person with an empty paper is hardly a colour revolution

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