So I upgraded my PC a bit last year which ended up in my having 2 now since I went for an AMD and I have some spare cabinets and RAMs. Well, thing is, my other machine has these specs:

Motherboard: MSI H110M PRO-VH PLUS
Processor: Intel Pentium G4560 3.50 GHz
Cabinet: Sentey Slim SS1-2426
Hard Drive: I think it is a Seagate 1TB 
RAM Memory: Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 KF432C16BB/8 

I would like to run any of the following, multiple if possible:

  • A Lemmy instance
  • A private tracker
  • A Matrix instance

So what do you say? Is it good enough for any of this shit or is it a piece of junk? I’ve been using it to play video games but with another 8gb of ram and it worked okay-ish.

  • Soviet SnakeOP
    31 year ago

    How many users do you think this machine can handle? I think I will not be running the Matrix instance and focus on the Lemmy one which would be public but I don’t expect it to have more than 5000 users for at least 5 years, and the private tracker would probably have something of about 500 users.

    Regarding the power consumption do you think having a good power supply could improve this? At this moment I can’t buy a Pi, so I will have to stick with this.

    • Salamander
      31 year ago

      I would be lying if I gave you a number. I have never had to deal with many users, so I can’t really tell you at what point you can expect problems. It could be 50 active users at once, it could be 500, maybe even 5,000 - I really don’t know. Consider that uploaded images will fill up your SSD, and that multiple active users at once will go through your network connection.

      But I really don’t know the limits. Someone else hopefully can chip in.