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I think that there is some potential in this idea.

Not sure about “default”, but as far as I know, most of the Fediverse platforms can be themed, so it would probably be a good start to design an uniform look for those that have that option already.

This kind of thing can be most easily achieved through bottom-up grasroots movement.

Try making some drafts of how you think the “similar aesthetic guidelines” would look like, gather people who are interested in this idea, and start working on your vision.

That’s a decent overview.

It would be interested to see part 2 of that post, where author looks at what people are currently doing to solve these problems.

I suggest you steal acquire as many features from rtv (and other terminal Reddit clients) as possible.

!lemmy_suggestions community

would it make sense to make such community? …

just steal acquire code from FunkWhale and PeerTube and put it into Lemmy

Why not contact spacebear and ask them to add lemmy? 🤔

There is a Lemmy Docker image, but that makes setting up instance just somewhat easier, it’s still not as easy and user friendly as what those hosts offer.

Yep, quick internet search for “Lemmy” does not show any articles about it. Is there any other way to get coverage besides asking people to write articles?

didn’t dollar get insanely inflated in last few years?

map of mobile operating systems

state of mobile operating systems in mid 2021, but it has been like this for many years now…

wait, is it 2008 again?

Probably because same reason that day is currently split into 24 (12*2) hours.

12 is nicely divisible by 4 numbers (6, 4, 3, 2), while 10 is only by what, just number 5?

I’m interested, what are some other similar / related systems.

I am aware of metric time (one day is 10 units of time) and tau (pi*2).

Well, probably some more, but I can’t remember them right now.

Does Intel Management Engine, the thing that is being baked into every Intel CPU for more than a decade, count as commercial purpose?

I’m interested to see how this will deal with fake profiles like bots and scammers.

it might be branded as “leak”, but it is actually a carefully produced publicity stunt and probably even a case study, allowing microsoft to get a lot of feedback about what people think of the new direction that Windows is going.

works well as audio player for me as well. The home-screen widget that it provides is very useful.