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Open, decentralised, immersive worlds built on Matrix

Isn’t Framework DIY Edition meant to be used mostly with Linux?
they say that you get to “Build it yourself and bring your OS”

third chapter of the July Update blogpost

how does this compare to Sepiasearch? https://sepiasearch.org/

well, apart from all the listed categories

I’m still trying to find the source of this “60 million users” claim. Any idea where that came from?

I use any chance I get to fight against this misconception

check if the url to uploaded video is maybe still somewhere in your browser history

otherwise I have no idea

Floyd the Barber - Big Beat Friday 01 mix
do we have communities for more specific music genres? would it make sense to list some in the sidebar?

is there an pull request open that would implement this?

or at least an open issue where this idea is being proposed and discussed?

Didn’t Fedora introduce something that prevents the system from allowing programs to actually eat whole RAM and cause whole system to freeze?

Are any other distros working on stealing acquiring this functionality?

from what I see, Lemmy is still too small to be a full “network”, it’s just a flagship instance with some satellite instances around it.

We need to help it grow in order for proper decentralised network to form.

But I don’t see many people promoting it. About a year ago I made a draft for Wikipedia article about Lemmy, but I did not find much to write about. Recently I checked how it is doing, and I saw that apparently people made some questionable additions to the draft and submitted it for review. Submission got rejected, reason being that Lemmy is not “notable” enough, as in, practically no independent information sources talk about it or even mention it. Of course I went to search the internet in hopes of proving this wrong, but I was not successful. Apparently promotion of Lemmy and rest of the Fediverse is something that is not being done as much as I would have wanted.

There should probably be some Fediverse Promoting Guide that would list effective means of spreading the word about what Fediverse is and why people should use it.


Would someone please make a Fediverse Promoting Guide?

this is not a web extension, this is a service that does the redirection

for example, a link that uses Farside to redirect you to some Invidious instance:


anyone who clicks on this will get Rickrolled through an instance of Invidious. Not necessarily the same instance.

We should develop the web with people and communities demands in mind.

Wait, how exactly is this not the fediverse?

I’m not into fighting games, but I do see the appeal of having an open source fighting game where you could add characters. Basically open source M.U.G.E.N.
But that is only 1v1 if I am not mistaken. If open source fighting game was going to be made, it should have both multiple-dudes-fighting-on-vertical-platforms mode and a traditional fighting two-dudes-fight-on-the-ground mode.

I am testman of Examplot

I seek the design schematics for robot butler.

No wait, grey

just like we are trying to decentralise internet with Fediverse, so should we encourage gamedev community to keep gaming away from centralised platforms. Supporting the development of Godot Engine is probably one of the best ways to fight against all the bad stuff that is going in on gaming industry.

Are there any projects that are aiming to do something about this issue?

If advocacy of Linux is left to the community alone, you get the “Linux cultists” who do not have the most positive effect on geneal public’s perception of Linux.