In the last few days I have become aware of this wiki. I was excited, FINALLY someone was making information available to the Communists in an international and “open” way. I wanted to get started right away. but it seems like this open community is not after all. I was recently banned after posting an official 20 page file where china was criticized (I don’t think it was read by those who banned me) This group appears to be in China’s only support. that country that literally financed anti-communist reactionaries in various countries of Asia. and this does so to the point of expelling members who disagree. after having made an appeal I was also banned from the communist pact therefore. I don’t think this message will do any good, and it will probably be censored. but in any case this is my final message. to ban me on the wiki my name is ComradeEuracistan

P.S: I am pleased to note that shortly after my departure a talk page on china was added where it was clearly stated not to accept criticisms of china vietnam cuba and DPRK. even if I don’t understand how it is possible since the relations between vietnam and china are critical and almost on the verge of that war … goodbye, probably.