• @freagle
    -29 months ago

    LOL, nothing could be easier to grasp. It is absolutely logically possible for both China and the USA to be brutal regimes. However, it is not empirically true. Try educating yourself instead of screaming nonsense into the void.

    • @CatholicSocialist@lemmy.ml
      29 months ago

      Right because the 300 million exploited migrant workers in China are definitely not facing abuse, and minority populations like the Uyghurs have definitely not been called terrorists and put in camps, and LGBT face equal rights, and ultranationalist xenophobic rhetoric totally isn’t commonplace among the CCP, and separatists totally aren’t met with threats of force…

      • @freagle
        -49 months ago

        minority populations like the Uyghurs have definitely not been called terrorists

        They were literally put on a terrorist watch list by the USA. The CIA launched a program to foment a separatist movement for East Turkistan as a way of destabilizing China, just like the CIA trained Tibetan terrorists and airlifted them into the region to commit acts of violence, again to destabilize the region.

        The 300 million exploited migrant workers in China re not facing centuries of genocide, forced famine, nuclear holocaust, carpet bombing, systematized rape and child separation, forced sterilization, solitary confinement, solitary confinement of toddlers, nor put into displacement concentration camps and have everything stolen from them. That’s what the US has done and is actively doing right now. Of course the migrant workers in China are dealing with terrible conditions, as are migrant workers in all countries, especially the US. That does not make China a brutal regime in the slightest. The root cause of those migrant workers needing to be migrants in the first place is deliberate and genocidal underdevelopment of the global south by North Atlantic powers. Read. A. Fucking. Book.

        LGBT face equal rights

        Fucking chauvinism. Honestly. The people of China are making their way through various social justice reforms at the pace of 1.4 billion people all coming to terms with their collective trauma induced by a century of humiliation and subjugation by the West. Give them some time while they figure it out. It’s not like the highest court in the land is overturning established law on a regular basis to make people’s lives worse, that’s a USA thing. In China, it’s more of a slow and steady social progress as they only recently lifted 800 million people out of poverty. People are understandably a bit more focused on other issues right now.

        ultranationalist xenophobic rhetoric totally isn’t commonplace among the CCP

        it’s not. Honestly it’s not. I don’t know what you think you’re reading, but you’re not actually reading anything put out by literally anyone in China, let alone the CPC. The party is very clear about it’s position - peace, prosperity, interdependence, improving quality of life starting with the poorest, and coexistence. Where else do you hear “one country, two systems” except China? Where else does a colony get returned to a country after a century of subjugation by the West and the country establishes a plan to slowly integrate that colony back into the country over a literal century? What other country in the world has autonomous governing regions of multiple nationalities where they teach native languages at all levels? There is absolutely nothing even remotely resembling the ultranationalist xenophobia of the West. Like, you’re just going to give the West a pass on average reporters saying “This situation in Ukraine is dire. It’s not like these are people from Iraq or Afghanistan. These are blonde haired and blue eyed people we’re talking about here”. The ultranationalism and xenophobia has always been and will always be a European structure. It gave rise to Euro fascism, which was literally just the Western colonial project direct inward. No, there is no ultranationalistic xenophobic rhetoric that is commonplace in the CPC. You are delusional.

        and separatists totally aren’t met with threats of force…

        Uh. What the fuck? In what world are separatists NOT met with force? That has nothing to do with being a brutal regime. For fucks sake, US cops kill more black people in a year than China kills separatists. The Hong Kong protests went on for so long explicitly because the Chinese did not violently engage. 200 Chinese soldiers were killed by armed students in Tienanmen explicitly because they were given orders not to fight back.

        Compare that to literal unmarked plainclothes law officers (federal?) kidnapping people during BLM protests, or the literal constant stream of murders around Cop City in Atlanta. And that’s just domestically! This says nothing about the death squads the US trains, arms, and directs against innocent families through the entire continent of South America in order to scare everyone into passivity, let alone the massive drug trade, the countless assassinations, and the federal coverups of all of it.

        You are projecting all of the evils of North Atlantic white society onto China and think that the yellow journalism, opinion pieces, and social media brain rot amplification is literal reality. You are lost. You are literally incapable of seeing reality and instead comfort yourself when faced with your very limited awareness of white Euro atrocities by assuming that China is literally as cartoonishly evil as the Western propagandists make them out to be.