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Indian Left is an attempt at helping strengthen the left by bringing many viewpoints, factions, organisations, parties to coordinate, discuss and cooperate. The aim of the sub-reddit is to bring the Indian left together to improve communications, fight against communalism(religious sectarianism in the subcontinent), fascism and petty sectarianism that consistently harms us.


  • First and foremost we have to remember that - left politics is a disciplined practice which is driven by principles that are based on well-established ideological tendency. So we cannot post, or comment, anything which works against the united Left forces in India. If you have anything against any of the Left parties, then kindly follow the Party principles of internal democracy and work to solve the issues with them, instead of slandering any of the parties.
  • This subreddit is not connected to any organisation, financially. This is a digital platform run by supporters of Left politics voluntarily.
  • On the occurrence of any natural or social disasters, contact the moderators seeking permission for posting links/details for financial assistance. If the moderators decide it is appropriate, they will make an announcement as soon as possible.
  • We don’t support/promote plagiarism. If you’re posting something that is not your own creation kindly mention the creator (in the title or in the comment).
  • If you’re posting a news please make sure they aren’t fake. It’s upto the original post-maker to verify the sources and credibility of the news. If it comes to the moderators’ notice, the post-maker shall be banned temporarily for 7 days, at first, and permanently on repetition of the same offence.
  • Don’t use slurs. Be decent while arguing with your fellow comrades. We have a zero-tolerance policy in this regard. Don’t bring down arguments to petty fights. Be rational while arguing. If you are arguing and want to disprove someone, use acceptable sources instead of abusing.
  • Keep posts relevant to left politics. Anything else shall be removed.
  • We are anti-hate. Any post that promotes or supports hate against any other group shall be removed. This includes, but is not limited to, hate against the Bahujans, the Minority religious groups, any gender, and people of different region. Criticism of religions and idealistic philosophical trends are permitted only if they are not promoting hate against the members/followers.
  • Left politics is going through tough times due to quite some reasons. So instead of indulging in petty infights, try and build a positive image of the Party you are are from or the Party you support. If you’re knowledgeable about some thing, help others by sharing that knowledge. Anti-Communism (and anti-Leftism) is a dominant political trend in India and the anti-left rhetorics that are common in the political rallies of the Rightists and the Centrists are just a vehicle of anti-Leftism as a whole. So if you come to see some false things are spread against any Party or Party leader, indulge in counter propaganda. Don’t let falsifiers and their agents gain an upper-hand by any chance.
  • Before making a post or cross-posting, make sure it hasn’t been posted before. There should be a 6-month gap (the time after which posts become archived) between a repetition.
  • No religious posts are allowed.
  • Do not share any news item covered by the bourgeois press pertaining to elections (opinion polls and probable candidate list, for example) or Party news. For the latter, stick to Party papers or digital outlets of the Party (official Twitter handle, Facebook page or YouTube channel). Bourgeois press never helps the Left. Only it does is promoting myths.
  • If you want to give any feedback about this sub-Reddit please contact the mods. We will discuss and think about the inputs and decide collectively.
  • Report to mods anything you see unworthy of this group (lies, myths, rumours about Parties, leaders).
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