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Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

a good text by Frederick Engels explaning how marxism is sciantific. the text was written in 1880 meaning Engels never got to address a lot of what we consider to be scientific (falsification Experimentation etc.) …

how do we promote propganda

what are methods to which we can deploy propaganda. how to we get people to gain class conciseness though the use of propaganda …


why do some leninists insist on using the state as a means to achieve revolution

my local ML party insists on using the state as a means to archive revolution instead of going to communities and helping people. who really need it. in India there are Maoists(Naxalites) that go around helping and improving the lives of people according to the [Indian government](https://tribal.nic

what are some short Marxist texts for beginners

i am printing and handing out texts on how to get involved in in action and why you need to but i am stuck finding texts that are short (so people will find it easy to read)…

why do leninists countries have a cult of personalty

why is it that in a country like the dprk china and the USSR. there where cults surrendering leaders. such as Kim-il-sung Kim-jong-il Josef Stalin etc …