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Gotta stay classy

Today, I woke up rested.

That’s something I’d consider unexplainable.

This would be a very useful feature. Hopefully it will be added at some point!

“We support free speech*”

  • as long as you’re not a communist, Russian national or have anti-NATO stances

Seriously though, there were riots against NATO and massive demonstrations against our participation in the Ukraine war, and the prime minister went on TV to say that “these dissidents should not have their voices heard, our goverment and American allies will not be intimidated by such uncivilized acts”

Yeah, a complete coincidence with no explanation.

“Won’t somebody think of the poor oppressed nazi landlords 😭😭😭”

When I first heard of American healthcare, I thought they were just joking

Also, there was a new commemorative bench dedicated to some woman, who was “a victim of communist tyranny, injustices and intolerance.

Googled her, turns out she was a landlord who got executed for supporting the nazis. Go figure.

“After the privatizations of 1991, 4000 of the 6000 employees were let go. Overall, the privatization is considered a great success”
This is a line I’ve read today. There’s an exhibition about the history of the town that I used to live in (and came to visit because my parents live here). It detailed the history of local industry. It started off at the beginning of the 20th century with a couple of mentions of landowners, petite bourgeoise and private farmers independently developing rudimentary confectionery and baking industry. Then came the socialist era, during which all this industry was nationalized and transformed into worker cooperatives. It detailed how the industry prospered during socialism and the factories grew exponentially under the guidance of the communist party, but of course, had to throw in “despite great successes of the socialist system in developing the region significantly, it’s totalitarian tyranny left much in the way of personal freedoms to be desired”. And last, it mentioned the disaster that was the privatizations of 1991. Right after that line in the title, it highlighted a couple of capitalists who came to own most of the previously-collectivized industry, and fired most of the workers, who then left the region, leaving the town in shambles and the local industry to collapse. The exhibition then concluded with the line “despite many workers being let go, they, compared to the totalitarian socialist regime, had the freedom to find employment elsewhere” Man, I gotta stop reading this shit.

This is obviously wrong. The kids at the bottom aren’t being brutalized by cops.

I’ve been buying the same brand of cheese for years. It used to cost 25 CZK not even two years ago. Today, I had to pay 44. Unbelievable.

Very cool, I might try KDE out again. I used to use it as my DE back in the day.