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  • of course you are wrong for not supporting Russia. the Ukrainians wanna play western games in their region and they accepted the proxy war on behalf of the other NATO members, now they pay for what the Americans pushed them to.

    remember that Iraq done nothing wrong to Ukraine, so the Ukrainians helped the Americans during the invasion, now they feel what means when someone invade their country.

    as you mentioned the Ukrainian nazi government killed 100s of thousands of people in Donbass no human rights groups cried for them. if this was happening in middle east you see everyone barking about it, this tells you how the western governments are into neo-nazis.

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    😂😂😂 So Ukraine is allowed to issue a kill list for normal people even if that’s against the international law? wow Ukraine is living the golden age. if that happened in China or middle east, you hear a lot of voices telling you that’s a war crime.

    by the way that’s one nice picture of her.