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This site is run by a fascist. He has banned people for being pro-socialism, pro-worker and anti-homophobia.

Stalin didn’t put homosexuals into gulags? Are you kidding me?

Is this some kind of joke? I thought this was a site for leftists?

Then you should tell LeemaFateema to stop trying to create a new HK Chinese race.

Now you’re being ableist too. We need to start banning these reactionaries, mods.

Hong Kongers are a different race than mainland Chinese?

We’re communists, we support the people, not a state.

You called homophobia “just a meme” and tried to apologize for putting gays in gulags by saying the murderous homophobe didn’t mind lesbians.

“Just a meme”? Can we ban Mad_Raccoon for homophobia?

Imagine downvoting this. Heartless people.