This means that the male ant has half the number of chromosomes of the female ant. This is because of the eggs laid by the queen ant, the ones that get fertilised grow to be female ants, and the ones that don’t grow to be male ants. Also, there is no process of crossing over during the formation of gametes, which means that the males of each generation are basically clones of each other and the same goes for the female ants.

We must support the ants in overthrowing h*manity and establishing a communist society

    🐜The rules🐜

    • 1: Please censor filthy words like c*pitalism and h*mans/h*man/h*manity
    • such heinous words are unacceptable
    • 2: We support the communist ants
    • anyone against the inevitable communist ant reign will be promptly disposed of
    • 3: No c*pitalism
    • C*pitalism is a plague upon this earth
    • 4: No assholery
    • Asshole behavior such as doxxing, insulting and harassing is anti-communist and will result in you being used as a paralised vessel where the glorious ants can incubate their eggs. Unless you want to see live larvae popping out of your skin, don’t be a dick

    About us:

    Thousands of years ago, the vile species of h*mans have risen up to the top of the food chain and subjected this planet to many horrors,including the worst of all, c*pitalism. Now with climate change on the rise, it seems that the days of h*man reign on earth are finally reaching their end. With h*manity gone,the glorious ants will take over this planet and crush c*pitalism, building a communist utopia instead. Join us in the communist ant uprising!

    🐜Serve for the colony🐜

    ☭Overthrow h*manity☭

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