Physics is still in crisis

There has been no progress in the foundations of physics for 40 years. In my book “Lost in Math” I have explained why that is and what can be done about this…

Consciously or not, she reinforced dialectical materialism and its way of analyzing internal contradictions both in theory and in practice in the timestamp provided by the link.

A passage from Georges Politzer:
“In concrete practice, every good researcher is dialectical; he cannot comprehend reality if not when it considers reality through movement. But the good researcher, which is dialectical in practice, ceases his dialectical thought when it thinks about the world.”

In this case, they weren’t even dialectical in practice anymore, like scientists were at Politzer’s time. If you realize the scientist’s point in the full video, her complaint is that scientists today are dogmatic mathematicians, not revolutionary physicists, should I say in a more colorful language.

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