"This law is flexible and can be used against a variety of people and in a variety of situations. That’s why the chilling effect is so powerful.”

Alright let me become a chinese criminal real fast. Fuck the CCP and fuck their human rights abuses. They do not represent communism but a bastardization of it’s ideals into authoritarian capitalism that is stuffed into a communist skin.

edit: idk if this is what I really believe anymore, I don’t think china should be immune to criticism, but I do think that there is a bit of a red scare going on around it so its wise to be somewhat skeptical. That said I still do not like how controlling the government is, no matter how good it is I do not trust a government to curate what I see. That said this comment was very reactionary and I cringe looking back at it lol.

edit 2: china is cool and good everything above is cringe

Camarada Forte

but I do think that there is a bit of a red scare going on around it so its wise to be somewhat skeptical

We are in an ideological battlefield between a historically imperialist country, the US, and a historically socialist country, China. Of course you will hear everywhere slandering of China. Understanding current China may not be easy if you do not know where to start from. Thankfully, there’s a comrade who makes videos for YouTube who has been very educational in his analysis on China, which I recommend. His channel name is BayArea415.

Besides that, there’s a short article written by the late (and great) Domenico Losurdo, titled, Has China turned to capitalism?, which is worth checking out.

Oh yeah since that edit I’ve watched bayarea and read a lot abot china and I think I understand it a lot better now. It’s a really cool country overall and I think it’s one a the biggest hopes for socialism/communism in the foreseeable future. Thanks though I do appreciate you taking some time to explain it yourself too.

Seriously, as a communism novice and would like to explore this philosophy more I get turned off by these brainwashed shills.

you should read a bit more into china, america is starting a new cold war and with that comes a shit ton of propaganda, don’t trust the government that’s entire existence is base on imperialism to be honest about it’s “opponents”. It’s angry it can’t control like it can with other countries and that they can’t invade it like they did in the middle east. China is about to overtake the US as the world largest economy within the decade and the US is hellbent on not allowing that to happen.

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