Worth mentioning that the team behind PT.io moved to https://privacyguides.org almost a year ago, so this might only apply to whoever is running PT.io at the moment. From their subr*ddit:

What happened to privacytools.io?

The domain name is currently redirecting to our new homepage. That domain name is currently registered and controlled by the original founder of PrivacyTools, who has been absent in its operation for a year. This has posed significant technical challenges to the remaining PrivacyTools team, and left the future of PrivacyTools in question.

The team made a decision to migrate to this new domain — privacyguides.org — in order to hopefully make the transition a lot more smooth. There is no telling if the original domain holder might return, and if we waited until the domain’s expiration, it is likely we would have lost the domain entirely. Losing the domain would have posed massive problems for our SEO rankings, etc., so while we don’t have full control over DNS on the PrivacyTools domain, our control of the webservers allows us to 301 redirect the site to our new domain in the meantime. Hopefully this gives everyone enough time to notice the change, update bookmarks and websites, etc. :)

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