Philippines [ᜍᜒ︀ᜉᜓᜊ᜴ᜎᜒᜃᜅ᜴ ᜊᜌᜈ᜴ ᜅ᜴ ᜉᜒᜎᜒᜉᜒᜈᜐ᜴]

Do you think the Philippines should change its name?
Philippines was the name given by Spanish Colonists once they "discovered" the already-inhabited archipelago next to Malaysia and Indonesia. The name was based from King Philip, a Spanish King. Given that the name has colonial backgrounds, shouldn't the country try to move forward from its colonial past, starting with renaming the country into a more local-sounding name? Myanmar did it by changing from Burma to Myanmar, for example. I've seen names like Rizalia and Luzviminda float around when talking about a potential re-naming of Jose Rizal's archipelagic nation.

Philippines [ᜍᜒ︀ᜉᜓᜊ᜴ᜎᜒᜃᜅ᜴ ᜊᜌᜈ᜴ ᜅ᜴ ᜉᜒᜎᜒᜉᜒᜈᜐ᜴]
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