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is there a place to see people’s submissions?

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reparations and concessions maintain the settler colonial power structure, decolonization works to dismantle it. you are ridiculous. the point is that usa and isreal are still actively colonialist and carrying out violence against the people who were here first

is virgin/chad a dialectic

liberalism is making excuses with a winky face

whalers on the moon, whalers on the moon but there aint no whales so we tell tall tales and sing our whaling tune

add images to comments

fixing capitalism involves removing people from power by force, capists will act on their class interests. and they control media, manufacturing, social norms, brain programming, so. but yeah major care should be taken to insure the targets of anti-capitalist force “deserve it”

newpipe hooked me up w niel gaiman in the autoplay

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they wouldnt put it on tv if it was attainable irl

unlearning propaganda fucks up your ability to function in society


why would i want to go to space im already optimized for here

political compas is a psyop

i follow this guy! sometimes i worry hes a shill / controlled opposition though.