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Wages and social spending scapegoated for CPI increases 🤡
Michael Hudson back on tour with another great breakdown of the current macroeconomic environment and its largely unchallenged narrative.

Although we must remember here that China’s banks are fully owned by the Communist Party, and social stability often takes precedence over the raw pursuit of profit, so their lending practices cannot be compared like-for-like against those of Western banks.

I love how they can just say that aloud without any introspection.

Having grown up in an Easteen European city of panelki, I’d say it’s the fact that it only looks decent from high up. Down below between those blocks there’s probably mud with little to no walkways, heaps of trash that no one ever cleans up, broken asphalt and improvised parking lots.
Never mind, zoomed in. This one actually looks pretty nice as far as panel block districts go. But what I said is true for most commieblock areas.

Damn the commies for building housing and then being overthrown by people who won’t maintain the housing!!!

This. It was just a reorg. Existing air force stuff was moved to its own branch for uhhhhh reasons.

Exactly. They stopped doing pieces about the Trump voters hurt by the tariffs after Biden decided to uphold said tariffs.

Ducks can graze and can be annoying af. This makes them a cost effective barrier. If your neighbor replaced their door with a wall of ducks, would you breach it?

Best not to bring it up after the initial outrage. People might realize it makes zero sense for Russia to have blown it up while they freeze this winter

They put HGH and dihydrogen monoxide in the tap water so you get really hairy forearms.

Nothing like that sadly. I’ve watched and recommend:

  • Scissor 7 - goofy/wholesome some action
  • Daily Life of the Immortal King - Reverse 1 Punch Man, the main dude is trying to stay anonymous instead of get discovered and goes about as well as you’d expect for a comedy
  • Quanzhi Gaoshou - basically a shonen battle anime, but the cast is likable and more well rounded
  • Mo Dao Zu Shi - BL, animation is gorgeous and world is interesting
  • Heaven’s Official Blessing - BL, animation is gorgeous and world is interesting

I want to watch:

  • White Lightning - ping pong sports anime

I think they did write an article about his roast of them and “rebutting” it a few years ago which like lmfao the only thing Lenin got wrong is that today it’s a tabloid for American billionaires instead

Anyone know where I can read a copy of what's probably actually a great children's book?

Lmfao at Ethiopia and Eritrea being “unimportant”

Ya it’s such cancer to watch. It’s not even contained within its own genre anymore. Everything has these characters, fan service, flat female characters, etc.

There are some Chinese anime I’ve been watching and they’re devoid of that crap it’s so nice. A bunch of them have been licensed to Netflix in the last few years, a few are on Bilibili’s YouTube channel, and Bilibili itself has some webcomics available for free and in English.

Damn I read this as cracked down on after all the “crackdowns” last year lmfao

China based employees probably still have access to that user data for misc work related purposes like debugging. Innocuous shit that every other company does but never these people never let facts get in the way of their sinophobia.

Yes London has the most CCTVs, I wanna say per capita, but the unit might be per square km. It’s also a 5 eye county and you can post racist boomer memes on Reddit so the surveillance doesn’t count.

There was a really ridiculous article making the rounds a while ago about how Bytedance job applicants’ data was being sent to and accessed in China. 1 quick Google later and it seems a good chunk of applicants have interviewers who are in Beijing. Damn these companies reading the resume I gave them.

News with jingjing needs mod approval to post I believe. Jingjing herself is the only mod last I checked and so a lot of losers with nothing better to do spammed with racist and sexist garbage prompting the change.

The Cameron quote most often use boils down to the indigenous people didn’t try hard enough… It’s pretty fucking bad coming from an anglo.

I love how the first thing Korra does is threaten to beat an equalist agitator in the park and somehow they are wrong. The bending police just arrest them en masse on the suspicion of participating in terrorist activities. A bender gang demands protection money. And in the first series, occupied territories had all the benders imprisoned so whoever was left could be terrorized by the troops.

It’s neat from a technical perspective, but the context and society it’s being promoted in is to basically replace and proletarianize artists. As if underpaying some hyperexploited person on Fiverr was too expensive.

Socks and roses are ya for social democrats. The donuts is some kind DNC “fuck you vote for Hillary” in joke that a lot of blue checks were super proud of. I actually don’t really remember the context nor do I think it’s relevant anymore. I think most of them moved on to become khivers or some shit who knows. -

This is my personal list of insta-block emojis.


Kamala Harris tacitly accused the Vietnamese of blasting her with a raygun when she claimed to have suffered Havana syndrome on her trip there. Masterclass in how to not build relationships.

Even the armchair Machiavellian philosopher knows you don’t invite a foreign power in to help with disputes against local powers. Why tf would Vietnam seek to join an American-led Chinese containment strategy? Cui bono?

So funny that anyone thought these saber rattling trips achieved anything.

Wow, a chocolate product that’s manages to be equally racist as the Belgian chocolate hands.

U.S. To Send More Wunderwaffen To Ukraine
Ukraine is totally winning though. The UAF is killing 9000 Russian soldiers per cubic diamond hour^2^ per second and only using literally everything in the NATO stockpile to achieve this miraculous outcome.

Is this that lib Dru Gladney’s “research”? It’s such nonsense to whitewash and equivocate on the topic of genocidal European colonialism to compare internal developmental inequity in the Soviet Union. These losers apply the same model to China to say the landlocked people are colonized by the rich coastal port denizens.

The trauma of having to work Arizona with a team in Afghanistan. That time difference is killer for the work-life-balance! /s

Surprised their sinophobia hasn’t driven them to instagram lol

The global system will need to move beyond reliance on the US dollar
> ...and turn national banking and credit systems into public utilities. That is the only way that governments can write down debt – mainly, debt owed to themselves – without inciting a political and even violent fight against their moves to free the economy from its debt overhead.

It was never meant to be believed seriously. If The people spouting it openly hate all the progressive policies and were saying it in bad faith. It’s just to keep Berniebros in line so that the 2 imperialist bourgeois parties’ duopoly remains unquestioned.

Uni programs are flexible at the start of the program. Within the first 3 semesters or so it’s decently easy to change without falling behind as most majors will have bullshit classes that can be taken as free electives as the start of their prereq chain and common things like math, science, and literature that you end up taking first year anyways. So definitely have a couple ideas of what you want to do and take the intro classes and health or something to find out. Take bullshit classes when possible if you’re taking math, science, or major specific courses. It helps keep the workload reasonable.

Just check that the school doesn’t wall off some majors. Some colleges let you freely transfer within liberal arts degree programs but crossing the barrier to eng (eg electrical engineering) has a grade check or some other silly hoop to jump through. It’s usually easier to declare eng then swap within eng or leave eng entirely.

A lot of schools in the US have their own subreddits, you can see what people are up to and complaining about and try and get a feel for the average experience. They’re invaluable when you have to pick a dorm as some colleges (mine included) have a few unrenovated 50year old dorms that are atrocious mixed in with some newer ones and it’s hard to tell online.

There’s a scholarship program associated with the PSAT I believe. It’s the same as the SAT but you just take it as some kind of means testing the school you go to thing. The added bonus is when you take the test for real you’ll be well prepared. If you can cop an SAT prep book, do so. It’s generally pretty valuable. Older used editions can usually be found for cheap online. The math is capped out at 8th grade level iirc. Knowing that can help you grind through the problems and crush it. Reading section is very literalist interpretation of the text. Every answer maps 1:1 with something in the text w/o any additional interpretation. Vocab you unfortunately have to grind and study for but w/e. The writing section is ??? I think schools are going back to SATs with just math and reading and dropping writing. It might be a school by school basis if they care about your SAT score out of 2400 or 1600 for caring about writing or not respectively.

Don’t take the ACT imo unless the specific college “super scores”. Super scoring is the practice of taking your highest score in each section of the SAT and ACT, and converting them to the other and basically taking the max of that. So like if you got a 26 on the math ACT but an 800 on the SAT that would convert to a 36 ACT for your super score.

Tours are okay but supplement them by researching the student orgs on campus and see if there are any clubs or whatever you may want to join. These are more important socially than classes are for making friends through the 4 years in my experience.

For choosing it’s a tradeoff of cost x “prestige” x how close you want your parents. Tbh having my parents nearby made schooling affordable as I could just commute and I never needed to mess around with fakes they would just buy booze for me. But that may not work for everyone it really depends on your situation.

The “Common App” is becoming more accepted by schools with fewer custom addons. For some schools accept the common app but you need to submit an essay on some topic they chose to go with it. This is all done through the common app’s website. Definitely use it, it saves a lot of paperwork and maybe fees. The general guidance from high school counselors is apply to 1 safe school. That’s a local school with median accepted test score and gpa that you exceed. 2 schools that you want to go to and are hovering around the median of test scores. And apply to 1 reach. These are your Ivy’s if you can afford (they usually have decent need-based tuition assistance if you qualify) or the really good public research universities.

FASET is the student aid forms. You get the best loans from them but it’s means tested as fuck. You can get Pell grant too if you qualify as a low income student. But to qualify you need to fill out FASET. Stay away from private loans. These are the ones you hear about people paying off in perpetuity. They have usurious interest rates and limited repayment plan options.

It’s as bad as you suspect, probably even worse(CW: it’s not overly graphic but conditions are grim).

CW: from above link

“This is our principle: we, the Svoboda Battalion, do not retreat. And because of that, we found ourselves in a semi-surrounded situation, and we had a lot of work to do. In addition, it is a swamp full of mud. It is very difficult to evacuate the wounded or to deliver ammunition. The trenches are constantly deteriorating, and in this swamp they must be constantly rebuilt.”

He added: “Today is the first day without rain, but then and yesterday when it fell, all the water flowed into the trenches. And the shelling was such that it was impossible to get out of the trench, so the guys were constantly wet for a day or two. Plus the temperature is like this. Many are contused, many with pneumonia. But we hold our ground, and we defend. I see young guys standing with their teeth clenched. I would really like someone to write about their achievements, because few people in the country know about it.”

DSA is such a clown fiesta. They’ve had elected members step out of what passes for their party line with no repercussion on several occasions. Anticommunist “leftists” are openly at war with the leadership of the party and whining about tankies in bourgeois media. These people are the first to do that wojack pointing and screaming meme about Manufacturing Consent when bourgeois media slanders their favorite social fascist but that same media is very honest about the places Jake Sullivan and Mike Pompeo want beaten into submission omegalul.

The polite way to repeat the firing of the ATCs 😎

They’re whitewashing the FTX ponzi scheme 🤡
I'm shocked they're doing this given how much money institutions lost.

Oh for sure. It’s just annoying as all hell to listen to these smug schmucks who are so condescending when you can cite their favorite bourgeois media to disprove them.

I love how secure liberal technokkkrats are in the quad and the PRC being on its last legs when this administration has made like 4 saber rattling tours in Asia that have accomplished nothing but pissing off the hosts. Kamala tacitly accused the Vietnamese of blasting her with a raygun by claiming she got Havana syndrome there.

Nothing will be left. Washington has publicly committed to fighting to the last Ukrainian. The 4 annexed regions contained most of Ukrainian GDP, ie productive capacity. The remainder will have to pay for all the weapons as Ukraine, the poorest country in Europe, is on some kind of perverse lend-lease program that functions as a demonic iphone upgrade program for NATO countries with old stockpiles of Soviet weapons. To add insult to injury, even the Klanadian Ukraine bonds, a scam to transfer public funds into private coffers, are disbursed to Ukraine through the IMF.

A couple sausages, 2 bell peppers, 2 russet potatoes, and 2 garlic cloves make a fantastic meal for like $10 that makes several servings. I get like a week out of it. Takes about 1hr.

Dice everything, boil the potatoes in water and salted water until fork tender. Strain and dry the potatoes.

Meanwhile dice your garlic cloves and gently brown them in some oil.

Combine your oil, potatoes, and peppers and mix evenlyish. Spread on a baking tray. Dice your sausage and spread the chunks out on top.

Into the oven at 450°F for 20m. At 20m flip the sausage chunks over so both sides brown (optional but worth the effort). At least rotate the tray 180°. Wait another 20m and you’re good to go.

Serve plain or use it as a sandwich filler. You can reheat it on a skillet and make an omelette for breakfast.

The only thing surprising here is that Italian authorities caught them.

Goodbye FTX
As the price of BTC and related "assets" falls, these scams face liquidity crunches that crush them, further depressing prices and accelerating other scams' collapse. My heart goes out to the people though who were sold this crap as an escape from poverty.

I made a website
I learned some python to help me automate spreadsheet bullshit at work and wanted to try building something more substantial like a blog type site. It was more fun to build than to write for so not much there haha

Can't even afford a house lmfao at least shill something useful

NATO don’t provoke a war challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)
> The U.S. is increasing the temperature that will - in the end - boil the proverbial frog. My anxiety is also being boiled gfdi

Logistics are banned in the DPRK 🤣🤣🤣
> Russia's and North Korea's railways are connected. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣