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Рабочие всех стран, соединяйтесь

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Join a party that isn’t reformist, do community work to gain popular support, create dual power, try to get support from foreign AES if possible, teach the workers to oppose reformism and anarchism.

The writing is hard but grammar is fairly simple compared to European languages.

Liberation News, Workers World, Fight Back News (all from US communist parties), and MintPress, Breakthrough, and Geopolitical Economy Report. WSWS sometimes has good articles even thought they’re trots.

If you read Parenti’s book about Caesar it says that Cicero and other Roman historians supported the senate oligarchy against populists like Caesar and that is why mainstream historians cite them so often.

In his last few years, Mao had bad foreign policy and considered the USSR “social imperialist”.

After the Sino-Soviet split but probably not anymore.

Zhukov helping Khrushchev coup Malenkov, Molotov, and Kaganovich.

Stalin wrote a chapter about this in Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR.

I guess it also affects this community.

It seems to only affect GenZedong and not other communities

For reference, Jay Lovestone was the leader of an anti-Stalin faction in the CPUSA that supported Bukharin. He started as a leftcom during the Civil War and even tried to overthrow Lenin in 1918 but then became a rightist during the New Economic Policy. He wanted the NEP to continue forever instead of starting the 5-year plans. He was against collectivization and thought kulaks would naturally collectivize their land over time somehow. He also wanted to create nationalist parties to run against the CPSU in elections. He eventually joined in an anti-party bloc with Trotsky and Zinoviev and was executed.

Maoists believe many features of MZT like PPW are universally applicable. Many Global South countries have similar material conditions to pre-revolutionary China, so it could make some sense there even though it wouldn’t work in the west.

I’ve been an ML since I was 13. I discovered r/communism and read the Manifesto, Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, and State and Revolution on the school bus.

FRSO and WWP are pretty good. WWP is slightly Trotskyist-leaninf but they still support AES. APSP is a communist black nationalist party.

Like the USSR, it would probably be split into several SSRs and ASSRs for the colonized nations (New Afrika, Chicano, various native nations; Hawaii and Puerto Rico might become independent like Finland did) and end up looking nothing like the original empire. The original constitution and government would be abolished instead of just putting better people in the existing order. Considering how developed the US is, you might not need an NEP and could go straight into 5-year plans, depending on how bad the civil war is. A Soviet of Nationalities would also need to be created based on the one in the USSR to combat settler colonialism and white chauvinism. Like the white emigres of Russia or Cuban gusanos, many bourgeois would probably flee to Canada/Japan/EU unless those areas had a revolution earlier or at the same time.

McKinley (1897–1901) made Amerika a global empire when he annexed the Philippines, Cuba, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

It should be an indigenous ASSR within Russia.

The government of North Cuba hates this map.

UK should be yellow at best but Cuba should be green.

Castro was able to overthrow US puppets right off the Amerika’s coast, so I think it would definitely be possible halfway across the world.

Eswatini/Swaziland There is an active movement led by the communist party to overthrow King Mswati’s US-backed monarchy.

Revolutionary morality could refer to Ho Chi Minh Thought.

When you call yourself a “Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist” but then call Stalin a social-imperialist.

Just so you know International Women’s Day is almost only an official holiday in AES or former AES states.

Since it says 2023 it could still be the real timeline (inshallah).

Poverty rose from 1% to 37% within five years and non-Estonian ethnicities basically live under apartheid.

PSL split from WWP in 2004 but I don’t know why. I know PSL holds congresses to elect their leadership like most ML parties.

They are not Trotskyist but they split from SWP which was Trotskyist. PSL and WWP both support AES.

InfraWiki is being raided
InfraWiki is a nazbol version of Wikipedia but it is being infiltrated to remove patsoc content. Anyone can create an account and edit with no verification. I have been banned but other ProleWiki users are active there right now.

кросс-пост из: > It includes fascism, racism, and white supremacy as "other" instead of capitalist.

кросс-пост из: > It includes fascism, racism, and white supremacy as "other" instead of capitalist.

It includes fascism, racism, and white supremacy as "other" instead of capitalist.

A People’s History of the Third World - Vijay Prashad
Preface by Howard Zinn, author a People's History of the United States

Apparently there’s a based version of The Guardian
The Communist Party of Australia's newspaper is also called The Guardian.