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Рабочие всех стран, соединяйтесь

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Why do they have a New Afrikan flag AND a Confederate flag?

What should we do about the overseas territories of the UK like Bermuda and the Falkland Islands?

He literally admitted on a stream that he was an FBI informant.

Anti-landlord hotline: +86 (10) 8390 7267

Where I live the b is completely silent.

Literally Animal Farm 1498

“The Uyghurland” sounds even worse than “East Turkestan.”

There was a second simplification for Chinese planned during the 70s but it was never adopted.

It would make more sense if Japanese always used kana.

It would be even more difficult if Mao didn’t simplify it in the '50s.

Most of the names on that map are completely made up.

L毛 who thought Ukraine was in Australia?

This is old. Now the USSR anthem has 91 million views.

Marx died when Lenin was 12 years old.

Hakim just made a video on this topic.

I’m sure South Korea and Japan would be considered honorary Europe in this case.

“Killing of civilians by troops is dealt with seriously”

X doubt