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Well, like a mentioned in the post something had happened to me, I had pushed myself further to help myself at that time and I was suppressing all of my emotions at that time to stay calm.

Recently when I try to sleep sometimes I just hear a voice inside my head, or see things like bugs and insects. I just imagine other things or maybe listen to music or podcast. and in the day I’ve been wary about my surroundings, I’m scared of a certain person might show up.

It’s hard to tell, but It’s just basically stress that’s making me sleepless.

How to stop apps running in background or run only through orbot?
There is a particular app I want to stay anonymous with. I tried netguard + orbot combination but never figured it out, my other option is to only open it when orbot is running. Is there a solution to this?

If you meant one instance rules affects other instances by that, then no, that’s not how it works.

Wrong sub my bad

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Mastodon App is just the tip of the iceberg of Eugen’s mismanagement. In 2020, he has allegedly taken over €60,000 to partner with the European digital surveillance data collection firm EUnomia. EUnomia’s operations are better summarized by this post by paulfree14 on librenet.de. Eugen is literally selling out Fediverse users to data collection agencies, not exclusively limited to users on Mastodon instances as they scrape public posts. EUnomia has in the past sold this data to large advertising companies, namely Google, as well as law enforcement agencies. This poses a risk to marginalized groups who are targeted by police on a daily basis.

Jesus christ, I’ll have to get the hell out of mastodon.social soon

I really enjoy me some DISTRACTIBLE podcast
RSS feed link: https://feeds.megaphone.fm/QCD8163454930 Yes I am a markiplier fan.

I don’t know how to do microblogging
I own a mastodon account. but often times I just look at the screen and wonder what exactly do I write. People often update stuff about things, post some art. and maybe just tell mundane day to day life. There isn't anything that I do that justifies the need for small updates. moreover I feel like not doing it saves alot of time, I can use it like writing a diary, but it's too personal for that (and a diary actually is useful to keep things up) for everything else, blog posts, artistic stuff, etc. I already own a website for that. and for discussion? lemmy already exists. I feel that people use mastodon or twitter, they write alot of things and react to others. but not to the extent of it becoming a productive thing. (which I meant, people who do one liners.) Using mastodon only to post art. blogs. etc. maybe once in a while if you need to share your thoughts is alright. Using it daily or even every 15 minutes like some of us is too much and very unworthy of your time. I advice people to dive deep and write more than just "thoughts", say maybe you want to talk about your experience and write the details and the little things. Writing blogs is an art medium, shouldn't be an addiction, and addiction doesn't make anyone happy. My own thoughts of microblogging in general. if you need to, let me know how you feel about this.

Hello everyone, It’s Gwynne.
/u/Gwynne Hello everyone, It's me, your favorite fediverse evangelist; Gwynne. I's been a while since I've spoken to you all, and to be honest I felt bad about leaving. I was having severe issues regarding my mental health, having to become more involved in the fediverse in pursuit of helping overwhelmed me so much. with constantly speaking to people about things every single day and creating, planning projects for this. I just left and removed everything. I apologize for leaving abruptly.