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An ideology that posits infinite resources in a finite world, and also seems to bring about its own destruction

Traffic, in particular how highway traffic jams are formed, should be a much larger topic in driver’s ed

Not cleaning up after yourself or making things better than you found them. The Boy Scouts suck but their principle is forever instilled in me

There is no problem, however you can build a trolley, fill it with people, and set it up on a track making it look like a difficult, deadly, but ultimately moral decision must be made which ultimately but indirectly protects American interests

Has anyone used or contributed to Comrad?

Determine if community is on blocklist?
Can users see if a community is on the federation blocklist, or what the federation status of a particular community is? I'm seeing a bunch of lemmy.ml communities that I can find and subscribe to on lemmygrad, but the community has no posts, where on lemmy.ml it has a bunch.