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  • Just an update from my side: yesterday at the meeting they held a little “inauguration ceremony” for me at the party meeting. The party representative from the Capital had given me my little red membership book as well as gifted me a book from our president and a brand new party pin. Our goal this year is to get in the EU parliament to voice the program of people’s Europe together with all major European communist parties. Thank y’all for the crossed fingers, the whole event went great! I hope you don’t mind me talking about my experiences here.

  • I had the opportunity to play for a week or so, when I had access through game pass on an Xbox, but I no longer do. It was amazing, I’ve never felt so much at home in a multiplayer environment like when I was playing with y’all.

    I wish this would be happening with Minetest instead of Minecraft, the price of Minecraft is a gatekeeping factor for many, including myself.