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How do they make money is the service is free to use?
How is it different from other VPN providers? and in terms of privacy who to make sure they keep no log what so ever? Speed aside, it can’t be better than Tor, right ?

I know I can’t post this of /r/privacy and /r/privacytoolsio , but if this is true I hope All those shills get a taste of how apple handles their data.
from this post it seems trust in apple in the privacy community is very very high…

And looking at the number of servers running, XMPP easily beats Matrix by an order of magnitude. Number of active users also seems quite a bit higher on XMPP.

From my own experience and what I gathered from others about XMPP, most XMPP servers active today don’t federate, they are insular instances operated by private entities (many social and dating services are xmpp servers at the core) like how facebook messenger at the time. and a lot of them run proprietary code and not fully compatible with all XMPP specifications.
According to the Matrix foundration they were around 35 million Matrix users world wide .
Yes matrix is one exemple of how open source software development should be done, they involve the community in every step of the development, support third party application, are transparent about what is changing and what is to come. they are not perfect but way better than shady Signal crypto shills .

All in all, Matrix is superior to Signal for my use cases.
Matrix could be the future, but in terms of privacy they still need to work on some aspects to prevent systematic leaks, you can read about it here : https://gist.github.com/maxidorius/5736fd09c9194b7a6dc03b6b8d7220d0
XMPP isn’t worst than Matrix, but lacks cross platform compatibility, and not all servers around support all XMPP extension’s as to allow E2EE by default or voice and video calls.
Matrix is where the momentum is right now, development is steady and they are working on spaces and low-bandwidth communications which is very thoughtful from them.

A wiki can’t solve much of the discoverability problem, for these platforms to be real social networks other than independent interconnected instances there need to be something with a wider coverage, and it shouldn’t just be about creators, every account on the fediverse should be equally discoverable.
The solution that I find the most adequate is having something like a distributed DHT that every instance of the fediverse can query and publish to.
Peertube for instance when they became aware of this, they created sepiasearch.org to be a one stop search node to all instances, then they added a peertube wide search feature from any instance search bar. but because of not all instances federate it still isn’t as efficient as searching youtube.
The real problem is because how moderation works across instances, we can’t have as a wider discoverability reach as on central platform