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  • Do you have the frontend a DB serving in the same VPS? If so it would be a great time to split them. Likewise if you DB is running in a VPS, you’re likely suffering from significant steal from the hypervisor so you would benefit from switching to a dedicated box. My API calls saw a speedup of 10x just from switching from a VPS DB to a Dedicated Box DB.

    I just checked OVH VPS offers and they’re shit! Even at 70 Eur dedicated on hetzner, you would gain more than double those resources without steal. I would recommend switching your DB ASAP for immediate massive gains.

    If you’re wondering why you should listen to me, I built and run https://aihorde.net and are handling about 5K concurrent connections currently.

  • Unfortunately, point A is unavoidable. We already got contacted by the reddit admins with an almost impossible demand (police not only new stuff, but also historical stuff) so we had to take a very draconian approach to avoid takedown.

    While I agree with point B myself, being a staunch proponent of copylefts, it doesn’t make sense to censor people for not being as radical as we area. It’s by rubbing noses with us that they will change their tune.

    To be clear, I am generally not against being more explicit anti-centralized, but while growing /r/piracy, it didn’t make sense.

    At the same time, I welcome genuine pro-piracy mods from reddit who would like to get started over here, and do a better job building and growing this community more than I ever could. If you sticky a post or put something in the sidebar of /r/piracy having this as a backup, I’ll mod you.

    Done. Check the the sidebar in https://old.reddit.com/r/Piracy/

    The main objective here is to be able to redirect people over and make sure we don’t splinter the community if and when reddit takes action against /r/piracy.