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I bought one of the first orange PIs: they have terrible support for hardware, notable for the wifi: it is shipped as blob only in content of Armbian. No upstream drivers. You cannot have wifi and some other OS (even updated Armbian) nor openwrt etc.

Obviously, that Russia is not in the jurisdiction of ICC, so why they issued the arrest? There are some interpretations, that EU is unable to do something to “fix” Russia behavior, so, this is mostly “gesture of despair”.

The BBC was unable to independently confirm Konstantin Yefremov’s specific allegations of torture, but they are consistent with other claims of abuse of Ukrainian prisoners.

“Highly likely”

Does anybody uses Haiku on lemmy? )

I like Haiku, but last time I tried to boot in from flash on my notebook it failed.

Some battles are not necessary won with weapons. Russia leaves Kherson, as it becomes too costly (in terms of resources, including humans) or too risky to hold it further.

The situation is actually similar to Zmeinyj island: when Russia captured it on early satges, but later Ukraine (mainly with long-range NATOs artillery) forced to leave it.

Unfortunately, AFAIK, this will have no impact, as the voting is just a recommendation

There is a book about warcrimes of the Ukraine, published in 2020.

https://украинские-преступления.org/#p=2 . The things you are asking for starting from the page 365. It is in Russian, sorry.

There is a dedicated English-speaking telegram channel I know https://t.me/InfoDefenseEn, which is publishing mostly current events, and it also contains a lot of materials about warcrimes on the Ukraine.

Just one day after calling an attack on a bridge that killed like 3 people as terrorism,

Isn’t it th Ukraine forces do terrorism attacks on Donetsk last 8 years?

The numbers do matter in the case, becase even if 2 persons are fleeing the country, it is enough to state “The news itself that people are fleeing the country”, right?

PS. Russian-language source referring Khazakhstan officials, there are around 34k left the Khazakhstan border in the last week (98k in, 64k out).

Instead of numbers we have satellite pictures: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/russians-fearing-conscription-flood-border-georgia-mongolia-rcna49487

It is actually drone videos, not satelites’ pictures. Anyway, they are qualitative, althought numbers from THAT video can be calculated.

Finland’s border control released these statistics yesterday: https://twitter.com/rajavartijat/status/1574376900256055296. So far it’s about 3000 Russians not returning per day.

Seems to be ok.

Of course I can try to check the actual numbers from several countries (if the actual and correct statistics are available), and that is something everyone can do :)

That’s the main problem. It is not your not mine job of doing that. It is the original post journallist fucking job to that, i.e. gather numbers from officials and do own checks, and present them to readers! Instead the source feeds their readers with the arbitrary drawn number out of anywere; the number look OK in some reasable borders, but the “reasonable borders” it is quite vague notion, which vary from 10k to 1M.

" is now full of people leaving"

is not the number. You cannot jump from “qualitative statement” to “quantitative statement”, because “full of people leaving” might vary from several hours of staying on the borders (hundrets) … to tens of thousands. The numbers from Georgian/Mongolian/Belarussian officials, of couse, will likely be around true numbers, but they are missing too (in the article).

Have you got any proof this information here is propaganda?

What is the original source of the number 260k ? If it is “undisclosed source” (Kremlin’s security services) - that is non-proveable, as the other source can tell 1M or 5M ). So, it is propaganda (does not matter natos or russian) unless it tells some official person, which has access to that information.

The front line is quite large, so there is no enough manpower to streighten it. Recent Ukrainian successful counter-offence demostrated softness of the frontline, so doulbling manpower on the front seems work on mistakes.

The co2 emission methodology is not clean. The much more simple methodology would be how much cpu & gpu time spends client compuer by loading front-page. JS-bloated sites will obviosly anti-leaders, comparing to lemmy and https://old.reddit.com/

There are C++ alternatives like CAF or rotor , they are far away from features of AKKA, but still they are FOSS and they are actor frameworks.

The sole EU is responsible for it’s breaking up. Why put responsibility of that to the others?

According to Russian sources, Russianse able to neuralize about 1.2k Ukrain warriors on the 1st day of the offensive. If even half of that is true, that was pure Zerg-Rush attack, ended without any success.

There is a “appimage” solution for developers. I.e. just make you app “fat” (let it bundles everything it needs into single executable), then user just downloads it and launches. Even automatic updates can be supported, afaik!

“Appimage” (and flatpack etc.) shoud not be used instead of standard disto packages, like firefox, chromium etc.

Try to change a disto, then. debian/void/arch/gentoo. )

Ukranian casualities are classified by the goverment, as well as the location of mobilized solder during his first 90 days of duty. That’s gives an possibility to the govement say literally any numbers of casualities.

There are indirect pointers of heavy casualities: introduced military duty on women, introduced mobilisation of infected with tuberculosis (non-officially), hard to leave the country by men, catch civilian attempts to mobilize on streets etc.

I completely agree with you, that HIMARS in the current amounts cannot play game changing role.

You do realize that Ukraine had hundreds of MLRS systems before they got HIMARS right? There is nothing magical about HIMARS, it’s not some wunderwaffen that western media makes it out to be.

You are right when you compare HIMARS with other Russian/Soviet MLRS. The difference comes with NATO satelite’s targeting / highlighting. Together with long-range missiles (300 km) it can be serious weapon. Ukraine don’t have such a missiles for now, at least officially, as far as I know.

Russia demostrated recently that it can successully intercept 100% of them with S-400 anti-air weapon.

lost a City at the heart of the eastern battle.

Actually, it is quite a large port-city Mariupol, and a few minor cities like Lisitchansk and SeveroDonetsk. As the result whole territory of LPR is deoccupied from Ukraine (or lost by Ukraine). It is quite a strategic win of Russia, isn’t it?

they’re trying to form a bigger counteroffensive right now

It is not fair to compare “plans” with “gains”. Every side might have big plans, but from military point of view it is better to compare initiative and territorial gains.

They’re also getting another big batch of tanks from Poland.

The amount of tanks is about 200, as I’ve heard. It is actually quite a few number, as Ukrain had about 6’500 of them in 1992 ( English wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armed_Forces_of_Ukraine ). Would it be 10 000 of tanks, yep, that definitely might change the situation drastically.

How much of territories Ukrain returned back to its control? Ukrain has a few tactical wins, like sinking down russian ship(s) and repell Russians from an island. But what are strategical gains since April?

Oh, come on, please, share a link and the name of the board, please!

The project is great. I tried to apply it at my work, but failed, becasue the project does not supports intremental (partially) parsing.

proper wording to be used to be not banned on Twitter :)

proper wording example

The first it have to be proven, that Russians are slaughters. They state, that they leave city (almost) without civil victims:


The situation can be simialar to Assad’s chemical attack on Douma, Syria, which a few years(!) later was proven that the attack was staged by Western media and “White helmets”.

What to bring to Cuba as a small IT-gift as a tourist?
Hi, After a month I'm going to have a vacansion in Cuba. I have heard, that the country has shorage of electronics due to sanctions. I have a few old, but working, wifi-routers (with openwrt, I think), which I do not use any longer. Is there any sense to bring them here and give to people, do they have such a need? Or this also electronic garbage, and just throw it away?