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  • Holy fuck I already told you I like the number 12 more than 10.

    What you’re saying is great. But it would be cool if Imperial actually consistently used 12 instead of using it - and I can’t stress this enough - once. Can you tell me how many feet are in a ¼ mile off the top of your head? If you can, most Americans can’t. Most American don’t even know that the number of feet in a full mile is 5280 for some fucking reason. That’s not a power of 12. In fact in terms of multiples of 12 it’s 12×440. What the fuck? That’s not even like, 12×12×3 or something even remotely reasonable. There’s a multiple of 11 in there. That’s a fucking nightmare!

    And with cooking it gets to the point where you’re just bombarded with fractions and 3s and 4s and 8s and sixteenths and good god it’s a mess. Stop kidding yourself. A measuring system with the consistency of metric but based on base 12 would truly be better than both systems, and imperial isn’t even close.

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    Oh so there’s 12 teaspoons to a tablespoon (3)? 12 tablespoons to a cup (16)? 12 feet to a yard (3)? 12 yards to a mile (1760)? Ok how about 12³ yards to a mile (12³=1728)? 12 ounces to a pound (16)? 12 cups to a pint (2)? 12 cups to a gallon (16)? 12 fluid ounces to a pint (20)?

    The only actual conversion between any two units that is 12 in Imperial is feet to inches. teaspoon to ¼ cup doesn’t count because that’s a fraction of a unit (¼). It’s 48 tsp to cup.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the number 12 more than 10. But Imperial barely fucking uses it.

  • We needed to get this shit done 10 years ago. Any delay in removing all fossil fuel emissions now is just a matter of how bad we want climate change to get, rather than preventing it. Net zero by 2050 is a fucking eternity away and is a shit goal, and all the projections that get us on track to 1.5 °C of warming have us extensively using carbon capture which is entirely unrealistic.

    Existing nuclear plants in France work, they can load follow to some degree, and renewables can make up the difference with minimal energy storage. But at a certain point you have to stop investing in renewables if you have minimal energy storage and your electricity solution is working.

    I am going to emphasize that last part: IF you can’t get enough energy storage, and IF your energy mix is fine, you must stop investment in renewable installations. Without enough storage, the baseload+peak paradigm works, you just have to regulate it.

  • The logical structure doesn’t hold. People don’t eat meat for profit, they eat it for preference. You can’t ask slave owners to be slightly less profit-seeking. You can ask people to tolerate small sacrifices like eating less meat.

    Whatever the case, individual solutions to structural problems are not and have never worked, it’s a capitalist lie. I intentionally said “ask people to tolerate small sacrifices” instead of “make small sacrifices”. A reduction in meat consumption has to be imposed, whether at the distributor or the supplier.